Puddleby Task Force

What we are about

PTF is an exploration group dedicated to look into some of Puddleby's mysteries. Our main purpose is not to hunt, but to explore. To have adventures. To gather as much as we can from places like the various sphere of the Ethereal Plane, the Brion brothers' keeps, or Kizmia's isle. There will be vanquishes and beasties aplenty to meet on our path of course, but that is not our main focus.

Some of the mysteries we are interested in

There are six Brion brothers, each has his own keep with a connection to the EP Tower on the first sphere of the Ethereal Plane. The brothers were established here well before exiles first came to these islands, or so they say. They have mysterious knowledge and very strange interests.

There are nine spheres of the Ethereal Plane, but we have found only some of them at this time. We are still mapping these spheres, trying to understand how the planes work, and find passageways to other spheres.

On Kizmia's Island, also known as Umbrion's Island, there are still many mysteries. There are caves with strange markings, a sleeping Groar in front of a Lyfe-like statue, a glacier, and so many other strange places.

How PTF works

So PTF tries to understand these things better and to explore new places. Here is how PTF functions:

We try to give everyone a chance at leading. It usually falls in the hands of the same few though. Nevertheless, we go in dangerous places and so we need to be a cohesive group to survive, so it's expected of people to follow the leader's instructions, and to keep the discussions on how "we should have done" things for the discussion group between two meetings.

We also prefer to keep the group small, as it's easier to know each other's strength and weaknesses and to be an effective exploration group. That means that we are insisting on members being able to show up at the agreed meeting time, otherwise we end up not able to explore areas that interest us.

We have an interest in broadening the enjoyment of these areas/mysteries to more people that don't usually have a chance to visit these places. We don't want to spoil the fun of others though, so while we mention what we do, new areas we find, etc. we try not to give away solutions explicitly to others.

Who we are

Current members are :

What we look for in potential members

Basically we are looking for people interested in the same goals as us, people who want to go places because they haven't been there yet, interested in understanding how things work, interested in exploring for the fun of it, not because of experience. In general, we are interested in fourth circle and above fighters, third circle healers and above, and mystics who have trained Se'el/Ethereal knowledge/strong boosting skills. These are what we are looking for in terms of the core group, but other skills/levels may also be welcomed.

We are now looking for people to join our group. If you think you can fit into PTF's way of doing things, and are interested in exploration as opposed to hunting, you should contact Drablak.