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Terrdi, day 64 of Summer 552 - Uneventful

A couple of quiet zodiacs for me. I was lucky for once and had my thoomy head out of the books when there was a mystical match in the arena. It was great fun to run around and fight other fellow mystics. There are quite a few tough mystics! I'm really not that strong physically, but some of them were tough. Himitsu has a nice journal entry on it, with pictures and all that so check it out. By the way Himi is one of the tough ones, you've been warned!

I was also on a few PTF meetings, I even led once more on an ethereal adventure. Practice helps and I was better prepared since it was decided in advance that I would lead. It helps to make sure you have the maps ready, have looked over the route and thought out a strategy.

We checked a few passages in EP and went to the Garden Maze to take a look at the pathfinder paths there, in the hope of finding an advanced path. That maze could be called the Pathfinder's Maze as there are probably 130 paths in there! It's going to take forever to map them properly. We didn't find any advanced paths though.

It was a rather uneventful meeting, except when Olmy fell into a path (there was mention that he was zo-headbutted into that path but I never got the clear of it) and ended up face to face with the Juliosaure.

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