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Merdi, day 22 of spring 552 - A set of keys

I am blessed, no question about it. I've had my ups and downs over the years, and perhaps those that are close to me would say I've had more downs than ups. I sure had many of those in my eleven years as an exile. Most of those in my profession have them from time to time. But this is a 'up' time indeed!

It's been a while since something new was discovered in EP, but that doesn't mean our knowledge of things ethereal is complete, and I've been continuing my research on the subject. In particular I've studied the tools we have, like the Ethereal Portal Stones [EPS] and the Ethereal Amulets. There are still many aspects of those tools that we don't understand. I think we'll soon find a way to use the amulet to dispel ethereal clouds for instance, although that will probably be a dangerous endeavor.

And of course there is always exploration of the Ethereal Plane [EP] to do. As our knowledge of ether grows it changes the nature of the ether itself. I remember Tenebrion saying that a long time ago and I did not understand what he meant at the time. Now I am starting to understand. Ether isn't like an element we're used to. It's not like water or air, it's something different. And just like air and water don't 'behave' the same way, ether has its own behavior, its own rules. Strangely, ether is affected by the mind, by our consciousness. And as our understanding of ether grows, as our thoughts on it become more 'ordered,' so is Ether itself becoming more 'ordered.' As more ethereal scholars learn about ether, it changes its nature and perhaps even the ethereal plane itself.

So, eventhough it may not look like it on the outside, there is research being done on ether. And there is still exploration to be done. As I was discussing this subject with Lundar the other day in town, he surprised the hell out of me and offered me his Portal Key! I was speechless, literally. There are only six of those keys, and not all of them have yet been handed to exiles. Lundar had one of those precious few and he offered it to me!

portal key pict

I'm really honored that he found me worthy of being one of the Portal Key holders, and it was very generous of him to give it to me like that. That key opens the door to the hut on Portal Island. It leads to an area where there is a portal to the 4th sphere of the Ethereal Plane. It's a quick and manageable way to EP. It's not safe, mind you, but it's as safe as these things go. And it can save a lot of time going to EP.

And if that wasn't cool enough, Nettle came to me with a gift from Neige. I've been trying to meet one of the Brions to get a Pass Key for years. Those elusive brothers are not often seen and I'm not often out of the lib the few times they are available to talk. It so happens that Neige left a Pass Key for me when he returned to the mainland!

keys pict

So you see I am blessed! The luckyest thoom for sure.
/ponder although I could use a hat...

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