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Somdi, day 69 of Spring 551 - A walk in the park, kindof...

Well, a few day ago I had the chance to attend a PTF meeting. It's was the first time in quite a while that I am able to attend. I've been busy in the library more than usual lately, and I was also prevented from leaving the library on a couple of occasions. In fact I thought I could not leave it to join that PTF meeting, but at the exact meeting time I unexpectedly found my way out!

PTF is still in a period where attendance is not required, so we were missing a few people, but we nonetheless had the strength required for a little trip to EP. I was happy since I had not been there in a while. We proceeded to Portal Island and entered EP4 under Yor's expert leadership. It was almost like a walk in the park! Well, almost. If you ask me, there are way too many Lesser Specters in that place. I mean, really! Someone should plug the hole from which these annoying creatures come out. I swear they go after the mystics in the party! Grrr!

mkingamulet.gifAnyways... EP is always fun for me, eventhough we haven't found anything new in this trip. We visited the Forge and I made a few items for those who needed them and for myself. My pack feels lighter now that I'm not carrying all those raw materials.

returnportal.gifIt was the first time I saw the 'return portal' that the Brions installed in EP4, near the entrance from Portal Island. Its purpose is to provide the second 'way' in the '2-way' portal they had promised (meaning a way to return to Portal Island from EP4). It's positionned a bit south of the skulls circle. I read a transcript of a conversation with some of the Brions in which they say that they are experiencing problems with this second portal, resulting in its instability (?) and in some ethereal creatures sometimes getting through. That would explain the multiple incidents reported on TMN.

I'm just sorry I missed that meeting with the Brions. I've spent some of my lessons in learning the Dwarven language so that I could better communicate with Melabrion, with the hope that I may be entrusted with one of the Portal keys. Having one of these keys would really help me in my ethereal research. 25 lessons is an investment for a mystic, just to be able to communicate with someone, but now I can translate for others when such meetings occur. I even made a special prayer to Mak'ro to help with the translation process. I'm dedicated to Ethereal Reseach, so I think these 25 lessons are a good investment in the long run.

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