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Fordi, day 26 of spring 551 - Letter from WoldWalker

Worldwalker.gifWorldwalker.gifSome of us remember a strange fellow who was walking the lands a few years back and who called himself WorldWalker. He was of a race that live in another plane of existence. They are travellers and worldwalkers, and WorldWalker was trapped on our plane when he came to visit it.

WorldWalker was trying to find a way back to his home plane and it seems he found it. He sent word to his good friend Aravir through a number of letters than he sent to various places in the hope that at least one would reach him. I found this one in my travels in the ethereal planes and, since I'm not sure if he received it, I will display it here. I think many of WorldWalker's friends will be happy to know that he is safely home.

Letter from WorldWalker to Aravir

18th day of Winter, 549

My dear friend Aravir,

No doubt, some years have passed in Puddleby terms since I left the fair shores of the Lok'Groton Islands, and my friends have been left wondering what ever became of that strange character WorldWalker who once was counted amongst Puddleby's exiles.

I am sending this letter to you to let you know that I am alive and well, though the adventures that I have had in that time have been most remarkable. I did, after much trial and error, succeed in parting the curtains of the planes and stepping through to my home realm.

When last we spoke, I had told you that I had found a means of escaping Puddleby on board a passing merchant ship. It was urgent that I get back to Shan Deral to investigate a tantalizing lead that may have held the key to my returning home, and that information proved most useful.

But the journey was not an easy one. On that day, after having said farewll to you, I rented a rowboat from one of the seafarers on the West Shore. I rowed far out into the sea, with the hopes of being picked up by a passing merchant ship, the Thoom Vessel Thombume. I was attacked by Giant Carnivourous Plankton, though only barely fallen, and just as I was about to give up hope of ever being rescued, a light appeared on the darkening horizon. It was the Thombume, the merchant ship that I knew would be coming.

The Thoom traders on board that ship rescued me, and healed me of my wounds, and the captain, a most reasonable Thoom, agreed to grant me passage to the nearest port on Shan Deral in exchange for my labour.

However, the voyage ended in tragedy. Late into the third night after my rescue, the watch spotted at first one, then two, and then three lights in the distance - and they appeared to be following us.

We were being stalked by Darshak raiders.

A fierce battle ensued, and the Thoomish sailors of the Thombume fought bravely, but in the end, we were outnumbered. Most of the Thombume's crew perished that day, and those that did not... I shudder to think of what happened to them after that. I do not know their fate, though I can guess.

As for myself, I was a bit of a curiousity to the Darshak - as a race they had never encountered before, they spared me in order to examine me. I was taken to a citadel of the Theocracy somewhere, I know not where, and was poked and prodded by Darshak for an interminable amount of time. Such indignities as I was exposed to...

Some time later (Weeks? Months? I cannot say), one of my fellow prisoners, a Fen of some strage colouration I had never seen before, who went by the name of Scraps, managed to steal a key from our guards, and together we esaped our captors. We made our way to Shan Deral, where Scraps and I parted ways, and I made my way deep into the heart of the Ascendency, avoiding detection of the Sentinels.

There, in the heart of Mobius' realm, I stole into the library of a Wizard in the Emperor's employ, the foul sorceror Ythorg, the same one in whose library I had been caught trespassing in some years before, an arrest which had led to my exile to Puddley.

There, I found the tome that I had orginially been seeking, and discovered the reason why I was unable to escape your world. The details are esoteric and unimportant; suffice it to say, it is the very nature of your plane of existence, and its relationship to Purgatory and the Ethereal Planes, that were preventing my escape.

As soon as I had discovered the information I sought, Scraps appeared, and it was revealed that he had been following me for weeks. Indeed, he revealed himself as an agent of the 'Brions, a construct of Fen flesh created by the Brothers in order to make sure I made it to my destintion - indeed it was Tenebrion himself who arranged for me to learn of the passing merchant vessel which rescued me, and Tenebrion who had sent his agent Scraps to make sure I was able to escape the clutches of the Darshak.

Scraps demanded the information I had found, and demanded that I give him the book that I was reading, so that he could take it back to his master. However, what was contained in that tome, information so sensitive in nature about Planar Travel, was so dangerous, that I knew if I allowed it to fall into the 'Brion hands, all of Puddleby would be in mortal danger.

I managed to incapacitate Scraps, and using my newfound knowledge, stretched out my mind in the old ways I had used to Walk the Worlds... and stepped through, taking the book with me.

I was free at last.

After reached my own people, after an extensive debreifing by my elders, a quarrantine was placed on your world, and no WorldWalker shall ever be allowed to walk there again.

However, I was allowed to send one last message through to you, whch I am doing in this letter, with a warning: Do not trust the 'Brions. They have knowledge that I am not at liberty to reveal, but which, in the hands of the unscrupulous, could spell the doom of Puddleby and all within it.

I am sending this message through multiple means, with the hope that one of them will get through to you. I sincerely hope that at least one of them reaches you safely. I will not be allowed to communicate with you further after this.

As for myself, the WorldWalker elders have given me a new assignment, a new World to Walk - I cannot reveal details without making your head hurt, but it involves walking across a magical land called "Canada."

mudHutDiscussion.gifPlease extend my sincerest and heartfelt thanks to all those in Puddleby who supported me during my exile. Please tell Jeanne that I am sorry our friendship ended thus, and that she was right - that the 'Brions were not to be trusted.

And to you, my good friend, I wish you long life, health, and prosperity, in all you undertake.

Thank you for being my friend and companion,

Yours very truly,


OOC those who are interested can follow HWC/WorldWalker's walk across Canada at:

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