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Fordi, day 51 of summer 550 - Sweet little nothings

*Sigh* Has it been more than a year already since I wrote in this journal?

The problem, in the beginning, is the blank page syndrome. What do I have to write about? What's happening in my life that's worth mentionning? Then as time passes it changes into "It's been so long, it should be a really important issue I talk about." And then you're even more tongue tied.

Not much has happened. Nothing really important that is. Many small things mostly. Good things all though.

The deal with the Brions has been completed and they received the six Orga Stones and delivered a portal to the 4th sphere of the Ethereal Plane. It's not a two-way portal as they promised, and it's not that well protected either. Yet it leads to the fourth sphere and that is 'a good thing' since that sphere is sort of a hub, with connections to the first, second and third sphere of EP. From that portal entrance you can get anywhere within the known EP in at most 3 snells, which makes it a very convinient way to access EP. And returning from EP is a breeze when you have an Ethereal Portal Stone (EPS) which ethereal scholars can make in the Forge.portalentry.gif

What's really missing from the deal is additional ethereal knowledge. They promised they would provide trainers that would teach us how to build portals but we haven't seen any. Yet. I'm hoping that we'll eventually see them and that I'll be able to pursue my ethereal studies with them.

Many new areas have been discovered recently as well, which is always interesting. It seems the noids are digging more tunnels as there was a new area in East Forest noids cavern that was discovered. It's a very tough place, not for the weak at all. There is also an area in the marsh where Jade Noids have established themselves. And the vermines of Savanah have found a way to South Forest and made a home in a cave under a tree.

A way to get into Gerag's cave has been found and we discovered that slimes had adopted it as their home. Slimes are tough little buggers that split when you hit them too hard and can also rejoin. There are interesting things to see there as well, graves for instance.

There is also a new builder in East Forest collecting materials for a woodcrafter's shop. People are guessing that we'll be able to purchase barrels there, and I wonder what else. Perhaps we'll be able to learn woodcrafting a little?

As I said, many things have happened since last I wrote in here. Yet of all these things what I enjoyed the most are two small events that most people would take for granted. A hunt with friends in South Forest and Savanah, and sitting in town with friends listening to bards playing. I felt really happy and it reminded me of my early days in the lands when my closest friends where still here. I miss Emma and Wystii and Aerin. I wish they were back.

Someone who *is* back is Babajaga! After four years trapped in the library she finally found her way out of it. Yeah! I am happy that she's back and I hope she won't get trapped in there again.

So I guess it proves that I should keep hoping that someday old friends will come back to these lands I now call home.

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