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Merdi, day 24 of Spring, 549 - Dun'Ilsar Challenge!

Well it's been quite a while since I updated my journal! That's because I've been busy studying in the library most of the time recently. Also because there was not much to report on when I did come out.

Templepuddles.gifSadly I missed the Kiril invasion, although invasions aren't exactly my area of expertise. It sure sounded very interesting from the various reports I read about it. And then there was this breakthrough discovery in the Foothills [FH] where people found the Book of Giayl in an old library. I'd like to visit this library soon and check the books there. I hear there are noids that we had not encountered before and they sound really scary. And then there is this strange problem with the Temple filling with puddles and then this hole opening under Master Spirtus feet.

foxcircle.gifMostly I only came out for our PTF weekly meetings. We worked on the zodiac mazes, Melabrion's Zodiac Maze [MZM] in particular. It leads to the Foxweir Circle in EP1 where the Ethereal Belt can be found. That's the fourth of six ethereal items that we can gather (the others being the Ethereal Sword, Boots, and Helmet).

While I was there we saw ethereal golems for the first time, and also a strange squid-like creature that we could not identify.


portalonrisingisland.gifI also came out at one time when there were many ethereal creatures on the ocean. I went to investigate the situation and help as best I could. I observed that a portal was on the rising island and many tough ethereal creatures were coming out through it. I found that phenomenon very strange and I would like to talk to one of the Brions to hear what they think of it. I don't think it's a normal occurance, but it may be because the island is almost completely formed now.

A few times I could only come out of the library for a short time and chatted in town center. I saw my sweet Nettle in one of those few occasions and she gave me a wrapped gift. When I opened it there was another gift inside! When I opened this one there was still another one inside! She told me that the first was to amuse me and the second time was to amuse her :-) When I eventually came to the gift it was a nice and sturdy wooden shield like I wanted. She had heard I wanted one and made me this nice gift so that I could be safer when she wasn't around to protect me :-)

The most fun I've had recently was when we challenged the Rat Bastards to a Bunny race for the Dun'Ilsar. Each bunny had to fall to each of: a Large Sand Worm, a small rock and a Death Fury. We gathered in the Bard's field and chose our bunnies.

I was a little surprised and disappointed at not being chosen for the bunny. I mean, I can fall really good and I have LOTS of experience doing it. I also figured that not being the bunny, all I could possibly do was just follow and observe. They chose Jeanne because she was the "weakest fighter." The main concern was that the bunny should not fall so hard that she could not be raised (the reason I wasn't chosen). We only had one healer, Sor, and so our Horus was limited to what he has.

FalaND.gifIt turned out that I found things to do to help. I've been studying a little bit of beast radar recently, so I could scan an area and see if there were Death Furies very quickly. I also lead the group through the East Forest by a series of paths very quickly. East Forest is one of my favorite area and I know it like the back of my hand. I guided them to the LSW island in KI waters also. And when we were separated in the passes I located the others quickly and we could join them.

bastards.gifIt came down to both clans being in DT at the same time, with Fala being fallen to a AMS. They pretended that she wasn't badly fallen but I could tell she was ND with my skristal, so the RB weren't in a position to complete the challenge, but we still had to have Jeanne fall to a DF. The bastards, I mean the Rat Bastards *grins*, concocted an evil plan and trapped Sor, our only healer, and had him fall! So in the end it was a tie.

DF.gifIt was VERY fun, the most fun I've had out of the lib in a long time. Snow and Fala were in great spirit and made it quite funny. And both clans had to be rescued from DT :-)

On the way back to town Jeanne made me a catsbane necklace with the two parts I had been given and two that she herself purchased for me. So I now have a necklace thanks to Silky, Kiriel and Jeanne! That'll be useful since we sometimes go to KI on our SDC hunts, and I had to borrow a necklace in the past. There are also many areas I'd like to explore further on KI, like the Lyfe caves and their markings, and of course Groar!

drunk.gifThere was a party in town center afterwards, with a very good stout that I liked a lot. I found another use to the balance boost as it has an effect on getting drunk ;-)

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