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Gradi, day 52 of summer 547 - Building a kuyem for the first time

I have had a chance to talk to Mjolnir, a member of the Sundragon Clan, after he read my last journal entry. He assured me that Lister was not a senior member of the SDC, but rather a new member. He also informed me that there had been a discussion within the SDC forum about the incident and that Lister's actions were out of line and that SDC members usually support scholars and should not behave in such a way. All in all it reassured me about SDC, although I would have liked to have a chance to talk to Sor about it, but I just didn't get a chance recently.

I did meet Ton during Willing Dead's attempt to construct a Kuyem on Centaur. He was very nice and saved us all from the ethereal creatures that appeared after the kuyem disapeared into the ether.

We decided to make a preliminary test of building a kuyem in a controled area to be sure that we could build one safely, and to see if our theory about how they are build was sound. There wasn't the required ethereal current at that location, so we expected not to be able to activate it, and we were correct. At this time, the only two places where such currents exist are the ocean and purgatory. The ocean isn't a practical place to build something, and purgatory isn't a place to make experiments, so we decided on a "safe" place to conduct our research.

We had conducted research at that location in the past, namely taking 100 ethereal amulet readings to determine if a pattern could be observed. At that time a few ethereal slugs had appeared and we had to be helped by a few fighters. This time we were prepared and had a few fighters and healers with us.

We started by taking a number of readings and then set down to build the kuyem. It went very well, and my ethereal knowledge served me well, enabling me to assemble the kuyem and place it on the ground safely. I then tried to activate it, but without the proper ethere current to "fuel" it, I wasn't able to do so. It then quickly disappeared into the ether.

All in all it was a very interesting experiment that shows that we have the necessary knowledge to successfully build a kuyem safely. Should the need arise, we will be ready to act.

I heard some people were concerned about that experiement, but they simply don't have the required ethereal knowledge to understand what they are talking about. I do. And we proved it by safely building a kuyem. There was no explosion, no merging of the planes. Not even a little firework!

Later during the zodiac I was finally able to attend the PTF meeting, the first in four zodiacs where I could come out of the library. I was disappointed when our strength wasn't enough to explore the Ethreal Plane, as I was looking forward to mapping the second sphere of EP. Since we were not strong enough, and some of our members wanted to escort Zorton to the Foothills so that he could mark his Stone, we decided to help them. Robin was available to bring all of us with his Stone, so it was mostly an expedition to the trainers' groto beyond Hatred Hollow.

It went pretty well, except that Robin's Stone broke when he tried to take us to the Foothills. We were all very disappointed. I was looking forward to try this type of travel. And of course, Robin now has to replace his Stone, and I think he won't be able to attend an FMOCR for some time.

Since we had some time left we decided to take ethereal readings of the snells in OOB (Orga OutBack) on our way to the Orga Village [OV]. We only measured normal ethereal flows, no current. We also checked the Orga Village's huts and what looks like an Orga altar in a cave north of the village. We made it safely back to town after that.

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