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Merdi, day 6 of Summer, 548 - Four years have passed

As Bawkmass approaches, I realise I have been writing in this journal for four years now (OOC one year almost to the day) and quite a lot has happened in that time. Many exiled have gone away and are missed, while many new ones have come and made a place for themselves in these islands. New areas have been discovered and explored, like the new areas in the East Forest Passes or Melabrion's Mines and many others.

On a personal level, I have left a clan, I have been promoted to journeyman, I have joined both PTF and LIFE and explored with them, I have studied ether and became one of the first few to complete the training, I have recently created an exploration group called Hel Tree Order [H3O], and I just applied to become a member of the Sun Dragon Clan [SDC].

So many things to remember, it's good to keep a journal...

My first journal entry was about the very first time I went to the Ethereal Plane, it was with a group led by Entil. I remember the sense of wonderment I felt being part of that group attempting to explore EP. Eventhough we all fell and eventually departed I had such a wonderful time that I wanted to return the next day.

I don't know if I wanted to be an explorer before that or if that was when I decided to become one, but that certainly confirmed my taste for it. Little did I know I'd become an ethereal scholar and create my own exploration group to try to unlock the ways of the planes.

I never looked at myself as a leader type of person, yet in the seven years I have been an exile I have gone from a person so shy that I was afraid to stand in town center to someone who recently tried to lead a group of veteran exiles to EP. I have a tendency to think of others as much more knowledgeable than me, especially people who have been around longer than me, yet I was very fortunate to be a part of PTF the last few years and I learned a lot with them, something that isn't given to many.

So I didn't realise that I knew a little more than most people about the Ethereal Plane. I made the mistake not to brief people before entering EP from the Garden maze. Everything went very smoothly to take the Scarmis Queen Chamber [SQC] and we got to Cimmbrion's Garden Maze very quickly. I knew exactly where we were in that maze and located the glowing flower and asked people to line up to enter EP and we went in. The mistake of not briefing people more thouroughly made the difference between success and failure, as people touched zodiac signs and fell into purgatory, or worst, in the rising zodiac and into EP proper outside the circle. It was my first experience as a leader, but certainly not my last. As usual I'll get back on my feet and try again until I get it right...

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