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Lundi, day 31 of Spring, 548 - Forging an Ethereal Portal Stone

Today was our PTF meeting again and thankfully we were strong enough to be able to do what I had been waiting a whole zodiac to do: explore the 3rd sphere of the Ethereal Plane!

Just after the first ethereal storm which hit west Puddleby people discovered a strange looking phenomenon at the place where the portals had accumulated. It looked like a bluish shimmering veil. Shadowearth could determine that it led to an unheard-of plane called the Geharza Plane.

Of course people entered the veil and discovered a strange plane. Black and generally empty, except for some ethereal clouds, which seemed to be weakened compared to those encountered in the Ethereal Plane.

There was also a portal that lead to the EP Tower. The first veil disappeared from town, but another appeared in the EP Tower, although I am not sure exactly if it appeared as the first one disappeared.

Apparently a group that was exploring this phenomenon became in trouble in the Sapphire sector of EP1 and everyone fell. Then a strange thing happened. Sarir appeared from the Tower and chained everyone to the Ruby sector. He then went through a dense ether passageway which was blocked just a zodiac earlier. This passageway lead to the 3rd sphere of the Ethereal Plane, where Tenebrion had an accident.

As I heard reports of these events from TMN I couldn't wait for our PTF meeting so that I could explore these places myself. Even more so when Neige sent me information about a hut found in EP3 where ethereal tools could be made.

So it was with great excitement that I prepared to go to join the others from PTF and I was glad many were present, although we still miss Babajaga (who sent us a note that she soon would be able to come back).

We made our way to Melabrion's Keep and then to the EP Tower and we secured the Sapphire sector, then the Ruby sector and we finally crossed into the 3rd sphere.

We arrived in a sector named Topaz, and we realised that apparently each sphere has the same number of sectors, disposed in the same way and with the same names as well. Callia commented that it seemed too ordered to be a natural phenomenon and wondered if it might be a construct.

From the Topaz sector, we went NW to what we confirmed was the Sapphire sector. That is where we found the Forge. From the outside it looks like a hemispherical hut, unlike any I had seen before. The hazy greyness of the Ethereal Plane just added to the eeriness of the site, and the strange feeling I felt seeing it.

Inside I found an area devoid of anything where a sarir named Shae stands alone. This area seems to be safe and could be most useful for exploration of the Ethereal Plane where such places are rare. My observations showed me that this hut is actually in another sector of the third sphere, the Forge Sector, hence, the name given to this place.

Shae was kind enough to give me access to another level, but he refused to let non-mystics pass. In this other level is the forge proper, where ethereal tools can be made. Neige had the required raw materials to build an Ethereal Portal Stone [EPS] and, since I had the training required to make one, we decided to forge one. I had wanted to experiment with these for a long time and planned to do so on our next Willing Dead [WD] meeting.

I setup with the required raw materials, a piece of ore, an ingot and an ethercle, and I knew exactly what to do. My ethereal training had prepared me well for this and I quickly forged a beautiful Ethereal Portal Stone! I was so very proud!

After that we visited each sector of EP3 to confirm the sectors' names and to see whether any other structures could be found. The fighters had fun with beasties, as did our healers, some of them actually getting something better than slaughters. I made a map of EP3 with what we observed, although we didn't have time to check for dense ether passageways during this trip. I am sure we will be able to check for those in a future trip.

It was a busier than a usual zodiac since I also attended a clan hunt of the Sundragon Clan. I felt a bit uneasy since Lister was there, but Sor and everyone else made me feel very welcomed and Sor said some very nice things which made me feel as though nothing had happened. It's all water under the bridge as they say.

So I joined them and we went to the new Snowy Dale next to the KI Cove. We had a nice time and Sor showed us all the sights. There is a cave which leads to the Lyfe Caves in the southern part of KI Interior. This entrance is one-way though, so entering meant the long trip through KI to the boats-building area if we wanted to get out. We weren't prepared to do that of course. I like snowy places, and I enjoyed that visit, although it was missing an Eggnog hut in my humble opinion ;-)

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