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Soldi, day 2 of spring 548 - EP adventure

Lost Soul "purg"It was my PTF meeting today and I was very excited since I hoped we could explore the Ethereal Plane further. We were a bit short on fighters and healers so we invited a couple of people, namely Jeanne, Califas and Ziff Rengar. We had a few goals today. We wanted to look at the EP sector where Tenebrion was found and try to see this "Lost Soul" that others encountered. We also wanted to look at the passageways to other spheres to see if any had opened because of Tenebrion's experiment gone wrong.Lost Soul "tory"

It wasn't very long before we found the Lost Soul. It was in the Ruby sector, just where others had encountered it before. It says "Pur" and "tory", as in Purgatory. It's hard to know what that Lost Soul is exactly, but considering Tenebrion's recent mishap, and his apparent loss of mental faculties, some speculate that the Lost Soul is a part of Tenebrion that somehow got separated from him. It seems to want us to bring it to purgatory, or maybe bring Tenebrion back there. We tried to lead it but it just wouldn't follow us or communicate with us beyond saying "Pur..tory" and moaning.

Since it wasn't cooperating, we went and checked the passageways in that sector, then we went to the second sphere to see if Callia could open the illusion in the Fire Circle, since she had to leave early.

Sadly, Silky missed the passageway to EP2 and ended up in the Diamond sector of EP1 instead of EP2, and she fell. We came back to help her but there was a big spawn and we got in trouble. Some people made it to the Sapphire sector, near the Tower, and regrouped there. They came back to get us, but while some were getting the fallen in the Emerald sector, there was a big spawn and everyone fell. Just to illustrate, while I was fallen I saw three Amber Drakes, an Ethereal Drake, an Ethereal Cloud and many many other critters. Pretty bad.

Everyone eventually departed, but I stayed behind. I had a feeling that I shouldn't depart, I'm not sure why. It's damaging to EP of course, so I always hesitate to depart from EP, but there was something else keeping me there this time. The recent events perhaps...

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