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Terrdi, day 14 of Autumn, 548 - I was inducted into SDC!

SDCinduction1.gifToday I went to the Sundragon clan hunt and we went to the Valley, a place I had not been in over four years. This was my third time there actually, the previous one was with PTF, and the very first one with Nyika and Mario OneEye when I was a newby and didn't know enough and asked them if I could join them. When I went with Niyka the valley had just been discovered and it wasn't well known. Of course we all fell repeatedly, not just me, and it was lots of fun. The second time with PTF it went more smoothly since everyone knew what to expect (except me) and they managed it very well.

This third time was fun, and I learned a lot by observing Blort, and listening to his suggestions, about how to tell people about boosts and such. It was also good for coins since I was broke as usual. I still have to adjust to a different group, and a different way to do things, but it's been very fun.

It ended on a sad note as Sten declared she was leaving the lands for good and was giving her stuff away. Everyone was sad to see her go but her decision was already taken and nothing would change her mind.

SDCinduction2gif.gifSor asked me to meet him at the SDC pub when we came back because he had something to tell me, so I went there expecting to see him alone. I was surprised to see five Sundragon members lined up looking solemn when I came in. Sor told me that after consideration my application for membership in SDC was accepted and that I was to be inducted! I was so very happy. We went to the clan house and I was inducted into the clan and we had a small party afterwards. I was given a SDC-colored shirt by Jeanne which I now wear proudly! It feels so good to be part of a clan again, part of a group. I hope I will feel at home within the Sundragon Clan. I am honored to be part of such a great clan.

Drablak is a Thoom, is male, is a Journeyman Mystic, and is wearing the symbol of the Sun Dragon Clan.
He is holding a rapier and an uli flower, and is wearing a sunstone, an Ethereal Amulet and a shirt.

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