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Gradi, day 55 of winter 547 - Sweet & Sour

It is a rare thing these days that I write two entries in my journal in such a short time. I don't know how other people who keep a journal view it, but for me it's a way to express my feelings. Sometimes I am just so happy because I visited a new place, sometimes it's something that makes me sad and I need an outlet for my grief. Sometimes, as today, it is a bit of both.

Happy about...

We had a PTF meeting yesterday, and as is usual for this time of year many of the members could not attend, but many others joined us and we headed out to Hatred Hollow [HH] for revenge and exploration. I say revenge because many of those present had been crushed the day before by an unusual resistance in HH. I was not one of those who had gone the day before, but I could understand their will to go back and "do it right".

We were a good group, with many strong exiles. We needed to be careful though because only Entil was a full pathfinder and so her survival was crucial. That reminded me (not that I need reminding much, mind you) that I wish I could finish my training with the marsh hermit. So Entil was careful and Sutai boosted people and HH fell to our careful and methodical assault. Jo was leading and I was impressed by his leadership.

After that we made for the Dread Passage [DP] tree. We wanted to see some of the position of snells in relation to the DP tree because some people had found a path in one snell in Orga Outback [OOB] and they wanted to figure out where to look for another one. I was the only other mystic besides Sutai, and Sutai cannot locate, so my limited skills were required for the job.

I was a bit nervous about that, since I am not very advanced in my studies of the skristal. I have been focusing on my ethereal studies for quite a long time so I did not get the chance to work much on JM skills. Nevertheless I said I'd try and so we left Yor in the DP tree and the rest of the group moved about as I tried to locate Yor. Haenk asked for people to share me over the sunstone and I got up to 24 shares, a personal best.

I did locate Yor, and I got some info that was somewhat useful, but nothing compared to what a real locator could have provided. Yet it was fun and I really liked the experience. I know I'll get better at locating with time, and this is exactly one of the uses of locating that I see as being part of my role as a mystic explorer. So it was a great raid. People were very fun and relaxed too, which is 80% of the fun in almost any endeavor.

Sad about...

I am sad about something that I read in someone else's journal. I had learned about a new exploration/hunt group that had been founded recently called CoNGA, and acronym for Coalition of Nocturnal Grand Adventurers. When I learned about it I was a little sad that such a group was founded without considering me. I think it's no secret that I am interested in exploration. I figured that those who founded the group were not people that I know much.

I just found out that one of the founders is someone I felt was a close friend. Someone I tried hard to get into PTF. It seems that I might have been wrong to assume she was a good friend. I am sad that I was not considered for the group. I am very sad that the one person I felt close to these days seems not to consider me a friend. How wrong I can be sometimes when I think I understand people...

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