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Fordi, day 51 of winter 547 - Invasions

It is amazing how some days can be so bleak and some can be so wonderful. I had a taste of the 'wonderful' kind lately and it was because of friends. In my experience, the most rewarding experiences are those, whatever the circumstances, where you are with people you like. What I mean is that it's not as much what you do as it is who you are doing it with. That may sound simple, but not everyone realises that I think.

That may be why sometimes people are confused as to what would be interesting for me to do. I can have a lot of fun with a group going to Melabrion's mines, for example, where I only boost once in a while, but mostly just stand out of the way of the others. If the group is fun and I feel I am part of the conversation it can be very nice.

In this instance it was in noids that I went, and at first I went with Elise to chain all those who were fallen in there, two of which were on my share list. After healing in town, Elise and me were invited to join them in noids and it was very nice. I don't tag noids much, although some of them are worth it, but I chained a couple of people to prevent them from sliding down and I boosted on a couple of occasions too. Mostly, the good part was that the group was enjoying themselves and having fun with each other. That's what made me feel happy.

Aside from that I did not have many adventures lately. I went on a few PTF raids. Since many PTF members were studying we invited a few people to help us. Among them was my good friend Jeanne which I like very much and which I don't see quite enough. We visited the 6th ethereal trainer in one of those raids and Callia and I started training with Leradla. My ethereal studies progress slowly but I am happy to have the opportunity to train in this field. Many of my fellow mystics are skeptical about the usefulness of this research field, but I find it fascinating. Time will tell.

In other wonderful news, my ex-clanmate and colleague Himitsu has become a page of sir Altir. I am so very proud of Himitsu! I also found where she now hides her new journal in the library. Check it out it's very good. Himitsu is a great inspiration for me, as I think we share some character trait.

There was a chigger invasion recently, and I fell to a chigger scout near Soulmaster just before Juliausor dragged him away. After I was raised I tried to locate him but Juliosaur went north and then came back around the south and finally dropped him in Gaia's garden. My limited locating abilities were not up to the challenge of following them around. I'll get better at it after my ethereal studies are finished. So much to learn! /action smiles happily.

I was also lucky to be in town when there was a weird invasion, apparently coordinated by Zonk. There were many drakes in town, as many as four at once, that attacked exile while we were subject to earthquakes. Thankfully many strong exiles were present and we could prevail in the end.

Aside from these little adventures, I was very happy, and somewhat surprised, to be approached by three separate clans asking me if I would be interested to join them. All of them are great clans and I find it hard to decide which would be best for me. I am not in any hurry to make a decision of course. I will consider it further and then decide when I have reached a conclusion. It feels nice to be asked to join a clan. I am always surprised when I realise people have noticed me.

Even more surprising was that one person in WoD is talking to me and trying to convince me to return to WoD. I did not think she cared all that much about me considering our past experiences, but people always surprise you it seems, either for good or for bad. In this case it was for good. I appreciate that she would express herself like that to me, and it made me consider returning in WoD. I will put WoD in the list of choices to consider and I will keep an open mind.

Hm, I must get ready for another PTF raid. I wonder where we will go today. I will have a chance to try out my recent changes to my prayers to Mak'ro. I worked quite a bit on them recently and I am curious to see how well they work. I was surprised in my poll that no one was interested in this subject. Mak'ros are very interesting, and a lot can be done with these prayers. Anyways! I look forward to exploring with my fellow PTFers. Oh, that reminds me: I finally made my resume to apply to Catenae, and I sent it to Kiri. I don't expect to be accepted considering that I can only carry one chain at the moment with my limited funds, but I decided to apply anyways. As with so many things in my life these days: time will tell...

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