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Fordi, day 4 of summer 547 - Volcanic activity

It's been a strange zodiac, that's for sure. There were a number of things that occupied me this zodiac, which is great. And all that eventhough I missed the PTF meeting again.

First there was an invitation by Gurgi to go on the Ethereal Plane [EP], which surprised me a lot. I was happy to go since I had not been in quite some time. Gurgi's group had found a place of dense ether that they could not cross and they wanted to see if I could either pass or sense anything special. We all hoped it was a way to another sphere of the EP. Sadly I could not pass and I did not sense anything out of the ordinary. Maybe when I complete this series of training I should try again. In any case it was interesting, as always, to visit EP.

Another thing that happened is of course the discussion about the last FMOCR (Full Moon Orga Camp Raid). There was many interesting points made while discussing this subject, and it helped me a great deal to get a better understanding of the mystic path, which may sound paradoxal. Of course there was also a couple of not so pleasant discoveries and many disappointing comments, but all in all I think that I learned a lot from it all.

Then there is that letter received from the council of the Guild of Mystics which explains that they support the trade of Orga Stones to the Brions in exchange for a permanent EP Portal, and the possibility to train in Portal construction.

I was a bit surprised by that, since I was under the impression that they would be against such a trade. Personnally I am very happy about that decision, since I think the Ethereal Plane needs to be explored more fully and can lead to many interesting discoveries. There are supposedly six spheres of the EP, and Worldwalker's only hope to find his way back to his plane is to find a way to the sixth sphere. This is only one of the many things I hope we can discover by exploring the EP further. I am of course also interested in continuing my ethereal studies, so that's another reason for me to support this Orga Stone trade with the brothers.

Now, what I wonder is how the exiles of Puddleby will react to this potential trade. I know that many were in favor of such a trade, I just hope that the recent events won't affect participation in future FMOCRs too much. We will soon see that I guess.

In other news, there is now a rocky formation in the zone of volcanic activity that I put in my last map of the ocean. This indicates that theories that say that we may see a new island emerge there are most probably true. That is quite an interesting phenomenon to observe, although I have the feeling that it may not be an entirely natural occurance.

The basement of Witkus is now completed, and you can buy a variety of clubs there. They seem to be clubs that make you more brilliant somehow, which I don't quite understand. I personnally never thought that clubing was a good way to make your point, but I guess it certainly is faster than other methods.

I also started a mapping project with two fellow mystics which turns out to be very interesting. I always liked mapping and this project really looks facinating. I will start taking ethereal readings once my training is finished, which should be very soon. Sadly I broke my last amulet while I was with Gurgi's group in EP, as well as one of the amulets that a colleague had given me for our mapping project. That means that I must find at least two amulets in the near future, one for me and one to replace the one I broke that belongs to my colleague. I have no idea how I will manage that though.

Oh, and I also met a very nice Fen, but that's another story altogether...

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