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Sombdi, day 60 of Spring 547 - A Muddy Hut & a missing Golem

It's been once again a boring zodiac. I missed the last PTF meeting because I was unable to leave the library at that time. It's a shame because I think they went to the ethereal plane. Aside from that I was out of the library on a number of occasions, but I failed to accomplish much. The high point of the zodiac was when I spent some time with Jeanne and Phiros in Witkus and we goofed around a bit.

Aside from that, I am down to my last penny again. At least I could pay for my Puddlebox before using all my remaining coins in the lib. Since I am also down to my last amulet, I won't be able to make any type of ethereal measurements for some time. It's a shame too, since I am almost finished with the sixth, and presumably last, ethereal trainer. Teaching me in ethereal knowledge is now a challenge, whatever that knowledge can be used for. I guess I'll go back to regular mystic trainers after that, or possibly finish my pathfinding training.

To paraphrase a friend, to the two of you that read this journal, I decided to spend less time on these scrolls for the time being. I had many projects underway, and I have many more ideas of things to do, for these scrolls, but I have come to doubt that the benefits of these scrolls to others are worth the considerable efforts I put in them.

I also made another realisation recently. I usually try to tell people that are in the library when interesting things happen in the lands, but it seems this is not something others do for me. So, instead of staying in the library, working on these scroll, I will use the time to stay in the lands in case something interesting happens.

In terms of possible clan for me, I was - again - unable to attend any of the clan hunts this zodiac. There is no news from one of the clans that I contacted to see if they would be interested in me. Each time I ask one of them about it, they don't have the time to talk to me, which is a very bad sign I think. I still haven't made my choice, but I wanted to be sure of all the possibilities before making a decision. I guess that this clan isn't an option, or at the very least they aren't very much interested in me if they don't even have the time to talk to me. Their loss I guess.

In other news, a little more than a zodiac ago I reported to the Eyes Of Puddleby group that I had found something new in the southwest farms. There is now mud in the corner of one of the huts there. Recently, Mjollnir was able to shed some light on this. He apparently met Sarir who was desperatly looking for a particular Golem. After he saw those on Melabrion's Island [MI], and declared them not the one he was seeking, Mjollnir and Sarir explored Puddleby and when Sarir saw (and examined) the mud in the SW farms hut, he was extatic and said that The Golem had been there. He said he would wait for its return and went to sleep there in the hut.

This is all very strange and I wonder if this Golem will return and what is so special about it. I also wonder what Sarir has to do with a Golem. I just hope to be present when he return so that I may examine him too.

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