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Soldi, day 19 of Spring 547 - PTF Meeting

Well, first of all I must apologize. I was confused in my last journal entry when I talked about CoNGA. It is a weird thing, but some people have journals that can actually show someone else's journal while still keeping the same cover page. So I was confused because I thought I was still reading the first person's journal while I was actually reading someone else's... So the person that I thought was a founder of CoNGA was not, and another person, that actually is a founder, was confused and hurt. Thankfully she talked to me and we straightened it all up and I apologized to her.

One good thing that came out of that is that I had the opportunity to discuss with those who founded CoNGA, and they explained to me that they have not decided on a mystic to invite yet. They want to consolidate the core group first and also they want to make sure that the mystic they chose will fit in the group, which makes perfect sense. They also want to prioritize someone who doesn't get many opportunities to explore, and I can only agree with that too. So I actually suggested Himitsu to them since she wants to be an explorer like me and she isn't part of PTF. They told me that, when the time to chose comes, they would of course consider her. I hope they invite her.

Aside from that, not much has happened to me until today's PTF meeting. I missed the last few PTF meetings, and because I was too busy in the library, I also missed the weekly hunts of all the clans that I am considering. I am still undecided in terms of which clan I will chose. There are many good clans out there, with good people, and so I'd rather take my time deciding.

So, as I said, not much happened to me recently until today. Today there was a PTF meeting. It began with the realisation that I was down to my last coin, so I had to wait by the docks to beg for boat fare. Haenk gave me 100 coins when I asked him for 4, which was very nice of him. That means that I could not only pay for boat fare, but I also could go into the paying library after the raid.

It was a nice surprise when so many people showed up for today's raid. We decided to try to map the Ethereal Plane [EP], or at least see if we could enter EP from the Ethereal Plane Tower [EPT]. With Melabrion's keep now accessible, it is much easier to get access to the EPT. We recruited some people to help us, like Jeanne and Rylantar, and we headed for Melabrion's Island [MI]. It was almost too easy. We used the back door, so I had no opportunity to visit the island. I had never been on MI at that time so I was a bit disappointed.

From the back door we go into Melabrion's conference room, that's the same place from where you can enter the mines also. You can now enter the doors on the south side and gain access to the keep. Access to the EPT is in the central courtyard of the keep. We entered the tower and moved cautiously through the levels until we came to the exit to the ethereal plane.

Our plan was to scout and see if it was possible for our group to make it safely out of the tower. As it turned out, we decided not to try it, the odds being against us.

So we headed out and decided to see if we could find a steady flow of ether in another place than purgatory. We headed out to Ash Island [AI] to visit the Astral Plane. It was my first time in the Astral Plane and so I was happy to have a chance to visit.

As it turns out we couldn't find anything special about the ether on the Astral Plane, so a few of us decided to try a suicide run into the abyss to take a few readings and see if there might be an ethereal wind there. Haenk graciously volunteered to run in just before Callia and me so as to try to clear it a bit before we entered. I could get 2 readings before I fell, and both were average readings. Callia was less fortunate and fell immediatly. All 3 of us departed, and we made a few more readings in purg.

After that the PTF meeting was over and most people went on to hunt on Melabrion's Island [MI], except I was in town because I had departed so I wasn't really invited. I was told the meeting was over with a sunstone message though, so I figured I was not invited. That is until I sunstoned Jeanne to ask her what she was doing and she told me to come join them on MI.

So I finally went to MI for real. After all those seasons I spent taking ethereal readings in front of that island and checking to see if any new opening could be found, I finally could actually visit it. It's not very big and full of tough critters, which is why you encounter so many high level people there. In the center of the island, among rocky hills, you can find Melabrion's Keep.

We hunted the floors of the keep. Some of the rooms are still locked, but in one area you can find a smelter who can refine a gold ore into an ingot for 2000c. There are mud golems in the keep and on the island, which are very weird creatures. It was great fun, and I was glad to finally have a chance to visit this island.

I really appreciate the fact that I am in PTF. I hope I can continue to be part of it in the seasons to come. I am uncertain if my library schedule will allow me to continue much longer to participate. As things stand right now, unless I find a clan that is active and does exploration, I fear that I will have little motivation to come out of the library.

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