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Merdi, day 88 of Automn 547 - Mystified

I have had many opportunities lately to both ponder about the mystic path and observe what others think of us. It's always interesting to think about these things once in a while, about your choices and about your place in society. From each of these opportunities you learn some things and that's how we grow.

One thing that I find amusing though, is the way that some people think of mystics as a single homogeneous entity. You often hear "mystics are like this" comments. I find it funny because, as professions go, mystics are probably the least homogeneous of all. Of course, some would say we all suck, but if we do, then we do it all differently. At the very least, there is as much diversity in mystics as there is in healers and fighters.

Take me for instance, my 830 ranks are spread over 23 different trainers, 16 of which are exclusively mystics trainers. The non exclusive are Loovma, Par Troon, Skea, Marsh Hermit, Troilus, Bodrus and Mentus. It would be difficult to find another mystic with roughly the same number of ranks that matches my strengths and weaknesses. Just as there are Horus healers and 'kill-rate' fighters, there are a lot of variability in the training of mystics, it's just that people only know of a few of them, like the locators. Still, even among them there are differences. Salandra has no body training at all while Callia has enough to be able to explore, and Behr is even stronger since he goes on rescue with Wandalyn. All three are locators though. That's just a small sample of one specialty to show that all the same variations you'd expect in other professions exist also among mystic.

I mention this because the other day I was having a quiet conversation with Hepta in town center when we both noticed that Lister was talking. This is a transcript of the conversation:

8:28:56p Lister says, "Dogman has been fallen for some time because of a bolok cougar"
8:29:15p Hepta whispers, "if 2 people take reading at same time are they the same?"
8:29:37p Lister ponders, "mystics don't care?"
8:29:39p Hepta thinks, "people still with Thag?"
8:29:49p Hepta ponders, "uhm?"
8:29:54p Drablak whispers, "dunno, never tried"
8:29:59p Lister ponders, "oh I get it, mystics only care when they have a share"
8:30:19p Drablak asks, "?"
8:30:36p (Drablak looks at his log to see what this is all about)
8:31:04p Drablak says, "first of, some mystic can only locate when they do have a share"
8:31:09p Drablak says, "like me"
8:31:14p Hepta says, "KB"
8:31:18p Drablak says, "and you can tog locate as well as any"
8:31:30p Hepta thinks, "Dogman fallen on KB"
8:31:36p Drablak says, "and you can ask nicely also of course"
8:31:39p Lister asks, "I don't know the person. but isn't this what mystics are for?"
8:31:44p Drablak says, "no"
8:31:46p Drablak says, "some are"
8:31:56p Drablak asks, "are all fighters supposed to be stupid and slow?"
8:32:03p Drablak asks, "not all of them, right?"
8:32:04p Lister says, "Oh i see"
8:32:12p Lister asks, "so you just sit there and ask for shares and money?"
8:32:14p Drablak says, "I am not a locator, all mystics aren't locators"
8:32:24p Drablak says, "did I ask you anything?"
8:32:29p Lister asks, "or screw us with the brions?"
8:32:30p (Hepta pulls out her tin cup)
8:32:33p (Drablak laughs)
8:32:35p Thag thinks, "someone going for Dogman?"
8:32:52p Lister asks, "if you can't locate, what do you do then?"
8:32:56p Drablak says, "I am an explorer and an ethereal scholar"
8:33:07p (Hepta rattles the few coins in her cup)
8:33:09p Lister says, "so , go explore"
8:33:13p Drablak asks, "and you, what do you do?"
8:33:19p (Hepta smiles)
8:33:19p Lister says, "thank you hepta"
8:33:37p You think to Lister, "you're a fighter so go fight, just do it with someone else"
8:33:53p Lister thinks to you, "go do something"

Neither Hepta nor me had noticed that Dogman was fallen. Neither of us had noticed what Lister had said. Hepta was locating people as we spoke, so she can't be expected to follow everything that happens around her. And Lister was advertising cloak after cloak that he was selling just a few moments before, so we didn't pay as much attention to what he was saying after that.

Lister is of the People, is male, is a Fighter, and is wearing the symbol of the Sun Dragon Clan.
He is holding a greataxe, and he is wearing a sunstone, a catsbane necklace, a shirt, a fifth circle fighter belt, a pair of pants and a pair of shoes.

There are two things that bother me with this encounter. First, Lister is a 5th circle fighter. I wonder how an exile can reach that level of expertise and be so completely clueless about the mystic profession. In my experience, the senior exiles have a better understanding of the interdependance of the three professions. The second thing that bothers me is that Lister is a member of the Sun Dragon Clan. I am considering joining the SDC, and to be treated that way by a senior member of that clan troubles me greatly. I've spoken with Sor about it though, and he was very concerned and said he would look into it.

Now, it's one of the funniest time of all. The Feast of Tsrrin has started and it's always so much fun to be able to get nice costumes and to look for candies. I have wonderful memories of four years ago when the last Feast occurred. It was then that I went to my first Slyphonics concert and that is my best memory since being exiled. I was with many close friends, many of which have now left the lands. It was during that Feast also that I joined the Winds of Dawn clan. It seems so far away now. I hope this Feast will be as fun and memorable as the last!

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