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Sombdi, day 15 of summer 546 - Melabrion's mines

Today was a grand day! I guess you could say that timing is everything. As I stepped out of the library, for what I thought would be a short break from my studies, I was swept away on an true exploration tour of Melabrion's mines. I owe that to Drue'Dreemie who was in charge of the expedition and was nice (as always) to invite me. He even gave me boat fare (I had only 4c).

You reach the mines by going to Tenebrion's Island [TI] to Tenebrion's Keep [TK] and then through the portal in the NW corner of the conference room. You arrive in the Ethereal Plane [EP] in a special circle with blue-purple flames all around (where zodiac signs are in other circles). The way back to Tenebrion is through the north flame (that would be 12 o'clock). The way to Melabrion's conference room, from which the mines can be accessed is through the south flame (6 o'clock).

Once in Melabrion's unconventional conference room, you can see two magical barriers, one north and one east. When we visited this room, we were able to pass the north barrier but not the east one. There is also a hut which requires a pass key to access. Inside this hut is a long passage to a closed door for which the key has not been found yet.

Lundar reports that Melabrion's miners' where attacked by surprise by strange creatures, and Melabrion opened his barrier to let exiles investigate the matter. We can assume that their mining brought them to these creatures' home and that they reacted by defending themselves.

We have encountered three types of snake creatures called Tok'Han. For the moment the only way I can describe them is black, brown and green. We also encountered blymoids, smaller creatures that I would speculate to be servants of the Tok'han.

We explored the tunnels and, aside from these new creatures we saw many conventional snakes, mostly cave cobras and chami (which happened to be more troublesome than the most Tok'han).

We found a couple of pathfinder's paths in the mines, and some hidden passages, and we determined that it looped back to the east exit to the conference room. I noted two symbols on the ground that reminded me of those found in the Lyfe Cave on KI. Lundar did not observe any illusions in the areas we explored.

We also observed some kind of raised rock formation on top of which sits a hut. We found no way to reach the hut and I wonder what is to be found inside.

It was very nice to explore a new area, and I liked it a lot. It is rare to be part of those who come upon an area where no one knows what to expect. I really felt like an explorer and it is wonderful!

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