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Lundi, day 51 of Spring, 546 - I meet Ledarla

Time to write some more in this journal. One of the reasons I work so much on other areas of my scrolls these days is that I don't have much to do outside of the library. So I tend to hide in here to study and work on other things.

I really should try to get out more, and join hunting parties, because I don't have much coins left. Sor gave me 50c yesterday, so I could go into the pay library. Before that I had to use the free library because I wanted to keep my last 5 coppers in case I needed to take the boat to another island.

I lasted a year on the money I made when I sold the lillaberries I found in the marsh, but it's now all gone. When I sold it I thought I would keep the money for emergencies, things like sunstone tuning, but I used it on library fees instead. I think it's a good investment, how am I going to get any experience otherwise?

That reminds me that I need to get my things out of storage too, otherwise they'll get sold in the raffle. I'm going to have to throw something in Junko's, arg! Oh well, such is life...

Let's think of more pleasant things. We had a very nice trip with PTF this zodiac. Turnout was good and we had a few prospective members, so we were stronger than in recent raids. We decided to get the ethereal boots and sword, since Umbrion's maze was still misbehaving.

We accomplished both goals and we also had time to visit the Ethereal Tower. We even had a display of a blue Slyph in a bikini, what Shammy described as her "blue period." More importantly, I finally had a chance to start training with Ledarla, the 5th ethereal trainer that resides inside Sombrion's keep. I'm very happy to continue my ethereal studies, even if it means I have to interrupt my training in the journeyman's skills. I think that I can help PTF better with ethereal training at this time than with JM's skills. I am dedicated to becoming an ethereal scholar. I believe that this knowledge will become vital for Puddleby in the near future.

I think that "that which separates the planes," what I call the "walls" between the planes, are being damages by something. The Brions tell us that it is us, that we are the cause of this damage, by departing from the Ethereal Plane. That may be true, but true or not, I don't think that it's the only reason. The Brions have a history of not telling the whole truth. And we know that they are doing a lot of experiments, as anyone with an amulet has noticed. By the way my amulet reacts every time one of them fails an experiment I would say they are doing something that could very well cause damage...

So I think the "walls" are being damaged, that there are fractures. As time goes, more fractures appear and those already there get bigger. There are places where there are breaches in the wall. I think there is one such place just south of the island west of Centaur Island.

The recent appearance of ethereal creatures on the ocean, what appears to be smoke, or possibly ether, coming out of the ocean, and the strange swirling ethereal currents that we have been observing on the whole ocean for nearly a year now, all these things seem to indicate that the situation is deteriorating. We will have to do something about these breaches eventually. I think we will need to use kuyems to repair the damage, or at least control it, and for that we need to understand ether better.

All that to say that I am happy to continue my training, and that we had a nice PTF raid last zodiac. Talking of PTF, I need to fwap Jeanne the next time I see her. She was a guest in a recent raid and, just because she did not receive instant feedback afterward, she imagined that she had not made a good impression. She needs to stop that, and I think a good fwapping is in order. And she's invited on the next raid, so she had no reason to be so quick to imagine the worst.

In other news, I learned that Dr Malthus has to leave the lands for some time. We hope that she is well and that she will be back soon. I also learned that Althus has passed the 4th circle healer test, woohoo! Congratulations Althus. Another bard-healer passing fourth in recent past (Coriakin passed recently too). Maybe they sing Glory a song to wake her up? I like bards and I like to listen to their music. We are fortunate to have so many talented people living in Puddleby. It's nice to forget your worries for a short time while listening to a bard playing.

Speaking of Althus, I'm grateful for the help he provided for the bestiaries. Drue'Dreemie and Althus both helped me a great deal to get the data right, and I think that these bestiaries are getting very good.

I received an enchanted mail from WarChild to compliment me on my scrolls, and it was very nice of him. I am beginning to realise that more people than I thought are reading these scrolls and I am glad. It is gratifying to make these scroll, and knowing they are appreciated is even better.

So again another uneventful zodiac has passed, but I will try to get out of the library more frequently in the future. I need to exercise a bit!

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