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Soldi, day 15 of spring 546 - Ethereal helmet disappointment

A couple of rather uneventful zodiacs where I spent most of my time studying in the library. I have a lot of new books to look into since I have access to a new part of the Academy. It's exciting to learn new skills and extend my knowledge to new areas. In time, these new abilities will be very useful on exploration expeditions, and I look forward to be able to use them.

Today I did my first successful locating of a fallen, one that wasn't sharing with me, and one that was many snells away. It was a lucky reading, but still it was gratifying to be able to locate a fallen. I'm not expecting to be able to be very accurate for quite some time, but my awareness of others grows steadily. I think I'll learn some of the basics of all the journeyman skills and then concentrate on one for some time.

Of course I'll interrupt these studies for an ethereal trainer when I get the chance to visit the fifth one. Callia recently started to train with Sombrion's slave, which you can access through the Ethereal Plane [EP] Tower. That means that the one in the Garden Maze is probably the sixth, and last, trainer. I look forward to continue my ethereal studies.

While in the library I worked a bit on my scrolls. From the poll I learned that seven out of ten people are interested in my journal, in ethereal studies and in bestiaries. The rest are interested in maps, traveling tips, Brion lore and other basic guides. Since I had updated my map of Puddleby a couple of times without putting a copy in my scroll I did that (put an updated copy in my scrolls). I also updated my scroll on ether with the most recent information I have and I added a scroll on REEF as well. I also began work on two new bestiaries, although I got the feeling that these were not well received by most people. I asked for help with these and only got negative comments on them and a reference to an existing bestiary. Maybe this is not the type of bestiary I should be working on, I don't know.

I was a bit surprised by the interest in my journal. I am happy that some people find it interesting but I am surprised that they aren't bored silly by my ups and downs and my doubts. It's a good feeling to be appreciated for something that is so personal at times. It's much easier to make a guide on how to write mak'ros, but it's much more rewarding to be able to express one's feeling in this format, even if it's hard sometimes.

What is there to say about the last few zodiac? As I said, I wasn't out of the library very often. I had the nicest of time out of the lib in a long time while sitting in town recently. It reminded me of happier times when I had close friends, those that are now lost to me.

Coriakin had just passed the fourth circle healer test, and I asked him to play music to celebrate the occasion. He pretended to find that terribly annoying but he could fool no one present. As bards often do, he attracted a small crowd around him, and around me by extension.

I had the pleasure to be teased by Xantcha about my scroll. I was telling a newling about the WoD newby scrolls and I also mentioned mine, and Xantcha complained I did not talk about her in here. I have a picture of that in the scrapbook. Of course it was the first time I had a chat with her in ages. The last time was well before I started to work on these scrolls. I remember it was in a hunt in northern plains with members of the Order of the Mini. There were only 3 members at the time.

I had a nice time also while sitting in town with Taladwy and Jeanne. We were interrupted by an invasion of Slimes. These strange creatures seemed to come from the meshra's lair. What is weird about them is that when you hit the bigger ones, they split into smaller ones. It's only when you've killed all the smaller ones that you get credit. Because of that splitting, they are a nuisance and are hard to deal with quickly, although they pose no real threat.

I also heard about a darshak attack on the ocean, although I was not present at the time. And before that I heard there were ethereal creatures out on the ocean and that smoke was observed coming out of the water south of Tenebrion's Island [TI]. I don't think there is any connection between the two events, but there has certainly been many of both of these kind of events recently. Both are cause for concerns.

I cannot do much against the darshak, I am no match even for the weakest of them, but I hope I'll be able to help with the breach that let creatures from the ethereal plane [EP] invade our ocean. I hope I will be able to continue my ethereal training soon. With a hundred lessons in ethereal knowledge, I cannot say that the benefits are very clear at this time, but I think this knowledge will soon become invaluable to help against whatever is happening with the ether.

Speaking of ether and the Ethereal Plane, I heard that a group recently made it through Umbrion's maze to the circle in EP where the Ethereal Helmet is found. I think this is the first non-PM group that reaches this place. PTF has spent many zodiacs trying to figure the path through that maze, and many of these expeditions ended in the whole group departing. Apparently Umbrion had made a mistake with the working of his maze, but the gods intervened to help that group make it to the ethereal helmet circle. I must say that this is a very big disappointment for those of us who worked very hard to make sense of that maze, and had to depart on many occasions. That an ad-hoc group could complete it, with an intervention from the gods, while a dedicated group that spent so much time on it could not is very frustrating. Who said life was fair? The gods certainly aren't...

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