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Lundi, day 65 of summer 544 - Trool Town Tour

I am happy to report that I am progressing well in my studies with Loovma Geer. It means that I will have a chain soon. The Winds of Dawns clan has a program to encourage chainers and I will get one free chain as a result of my training. I will reserve it for emergencies only until I am a better student of Loovma Geer though.

I saw a strange ghost in Town Center [TC]. I am used to seeing ghosts, but they are generally insubstantial, and there is a scintillating sparkle around then. I did see another type of ghost that I could not pass through and that did not have any sparkles. When it saw me looking, it smiled (?), stood up and left!

A Tree Giant came to attack the town today. It came from the west of town, as did the greymyrs that attacked recently and I grow more and more afraid that my theory may be correct. I think I need to talk to someone who was in the lands when the Mirror was open.

In other news, I had a very nice hunt/tour of Trool Town and its mines given by Farhope. We had a very nice time and Clio and I had a lot of fun falling repeatedly. Well, Clio pretended not to like it, but I know better. It is clear that she has the vocation to be a mystic! I mean, we fell within a second or two of each other. /smiles wryly/ Frucesca was part of the group too, and I was happy to hunt with her again. It had been a while since we had a chance to exchange more that a brief hello as we passed each other in the library. Nephilim was there too and was his usual charming self. I also met a fellow named Togoko who was very nice too. There are some strange sights in the Trool mines, but there are far too many bats if you ask me. How can a rat with wings be so hard to hit? Oh and speaking of hard to hit, we met a Hob'kin and were able to dispatch it quickly thanks to my Akea boost. /action beams/

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