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Lundi, day 58 of Summer, 544 - Greymyr Attack

There was an attack on the town by Greymyrs today. Apparently, those were much stronger than the ones normally encountered in Greymyr Village [GMV]. To tell the truth I have no way of comparing. They were certainly hitting hard though, 4th circle fighters (and higher too) were dropping like flies. I tried boosting people, like Babajaga, because even she had a hard time hitting them. It seems that my limited abilities were insufficient to the task. Fortunately, two of the wand specialists, Zorton and Nevyn, were in town and were able to give the fighters the edge they required.

I am not sure how it all started since the battle was already engaged when I stepped out of the library. I heard they came from the west of town. I remember another incident where a lone greymyr came to Town Center [TC] from the west. I remember it well because the first thing it did is to throw a rock at me! And I was sitting quietly, I swear!

I cannot but wonder if those two incidents are not related in some way. I think we should investigate where these greymyrs are coming from (GMV is to the east of town after all). After the battle was over, I went to see whether I could discover if a way to land on the big rocky island in the SW corner of Puddleby Ocean had been opened. I was not surprised to find none, although a mystic able to see through illusions might be required (as on Dal'Noth).

A likelier possibility, but one that is much more troubling also, is that they came through a portal. I read in a scroll that a long time ago the mirror in South Forest [SF] was 'open,' and that you could step into it and arrive into the Mirror Room. In this room there were a number of similar mirrors, or portals, and each led to a different destination. One of those led to the docks, which as everyone knows, are west of TC. From the Mirror Room, you could also go to a castle. I am worried that the Brion brothers have access to that castle and to the Mirror Room. A corroborating evidence is Lugubrion's Keep that Lundar discovered on Ash Island (AI). One of the portals in the Mirror Room led to the Dark Temple (DT) on Ash. There are two more observations that, to me at least, point to the mirror. First, there were perturbations reported recently by Wangah Rah in the marsh, and one of the portals in the Mirror Room led to the marsh. Second, Cimmbrion recently came to Tenebrion's Keep (TK) at the same time as a 'Cold & Snowy" portal was spotted just east of Flander's Field. And of course, a portal in the Mirror Room led to a 'Cold & Snowy' Place also. I can accept coincidences, but in this case I think that it would be a stretch. If my theory is well-founded, it would mean that they can pose a real threat to the town, since they can use the portal that leads to the docks to send an invading army right to our doorstep. The recent incidents may only be tests in preparation for something bigger. In any case, I think we would do well to keep our eyes open.

Too bad that Cimmbrion did not feel like talking. I guess there were too many people there. I myself was there only because I had fallen earlier in the zodiac room. I think most of town was at TK to rescue us, and Cimmbrion was not expecting so many people and so could not speak freely. Was he meeting someone in particular? I wonder...

It so happens that a group of us were at TK to investigate the sparkles I noted in my last journal entry. It turns out that it was only leading to the entrance of the tunnel, and the new area is only a second access route to the ladder. We did explore some places I had never seen, like the smithy, and the barracks where I saw a weird contraption.

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