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Gradi, day 52 of summer 544 - TK Tower Woes

There was another chaos storm recently and shortly after that, while I was at Lilly Pond with others, we were called in for a rescue in Tenebrion's tower. I had been to the tower once before with PTF and it is a very tough place to go to, but I am not the kind to turn down an offer of adventure, so I followed everyone to the docks and then to Tenebrion's island.

Right from the start I should have seen the signs of impending doom /action smiles wryly at himself/. It was clear that this was a very disorganized group and that many had never even been to Tenebrion's Keep [TK] despite the fact that they were rather high level. Instead of regrouping at the south beach, everyone rushed off ahead on their own as they arrived. No one checked the back door, of course, and then the group I was with did not go directly to the access tunnel but stopped to play with dark knights. I was the only one of my group that entered the tunnel at first, and I saw that a new passage leading south had been excavated right at the entrance. I was frustrated because I was assaulted by a meshra and had to retreat outside with the others instead of investigating this new area. I retreated outside and found that everyone was kind of running around in circles. Then a black knight spotted me, and decided to imprint the ground with the back of my thoomy head.

Shortly after that, some reinforcement arrived, dispatched the knight, raised me, and we finally entered the tunnel, but by then I had lost my opportunity to explore. As I made my way to the ladder I saw another newly excavated tunnel leading south and, as I went a few feet inside, wondering if it connected to the one at the entrance, I noticed pathfinder's sparkles on the west wall. The explorer in me ached to investigate all this, but everyone had gone ahead and I did not want to become a liability on a rescue mission. So I continued my way to the tower as a group gathered outside its door. Those that had arrived earlier where already inside. Before anyone could formulate a plan, or brief those who had never been to the tower, people started to rush in. "What the abyss?" I thought to myself and went ahead too. After all, I had not reached my fall-quota for the night yet...

We found the fallen group on the first floor and managed to secure it and raise everyone. We asked them what they were doing in there. It turns out that they were going to the top of the tower to fetch a key. We learned that the new amulet trainer that we had heard about from Tenebrion had been found in the basement, but that you need to get the key at the top of the Tower to gain access to him. Being involved in an ethereal project myself (called REEF) and having trained with the first amulet trainer on Kizmia's Island (Leladar, who only gives ten lessons), I was very interested in meeting the new trainer, so we decided to join the other group.

We made it to the third level, which is kind of amazing, all things considered. People did not even wait for everyone to be gathered in the safe in-between levels of the tower before rushing ahead. I guess I am kind of spoiled. I am used to PTF and LIFE expeditions which are very disciplined (well, some recent LIFE expeditions were more like mobs runs but there is still a minimum of order : D ). Events like these make me wish for more free time to write. I'd like to start the 'My Travels' section of my library.

We all fell on the third floor of the tower. I don't mind falling, Gaia knows, but it's not as fun when you are too far to the others to talk. I am not sure why, but someone decided to toggle Malkor to ask for a rescue. To this day I still don't know why, but Malkor and a bunch of members of PM came to our rescue. They even made it look easy.

After a little banter there was a general movement to leave the 3rd floor. We followed as best we could. One of the peculiarities of Tenebrion's Tower is that to go from one floor to the next you need to touch different pieces of furniture. On the 3rd floor if you want to go down you need to touch the potted plant in the SW section of the room. On the 1st floor you must touch the spider web in the NE section to go up to the 2nd floor. I did not have my notes on the tower handy at the moment and as people rushed out to the second floor there was some confusion and some of use were left behind, not knowing exactly how to get out. It took us a few minutes to remember that the top of the candle was the exit to the first level, but by that time there was a fresh spawn and Emma was quickly surrounded as the rest of us escaped the tower.

Sadly enough Emma did not want to be the cause of another failed rescue attempt, and she quickly departed. The rest of us tried to make our way out, but I fell in the courtyard near the castle. Nargoth tried to stay and help me but he would have been overwhelmed quickly and had the good sense to leave and call for help. After that there was a little confusion on the sunstone, and it took a while for someone to come to my rescue. I was very tempted to depart. I hate being a bother to anyone and this felt as though it was bothering people. I can't blame them either, I was rather tired myself, and I could understand that the idea of returning to TK was not very appealing to anyone at this point. To my dismay the situation got worst as the first two healers that came to help me fell themselves. I was feeling really bad about the whole affair at this point and told myself I should have departed. Then a group led by Kiriel arrived and chained us out to the hut in Flanders Field where we were raised, and finally we made it back to the town.

As I made my way to the library, a little exhausted by it all, I started thinking on my training schedule. At the moment I am training Loovma Geer. I am a few lessons short of 25 now. Having a chain is so useful in so many situations that I really want to dedicate a part of my training to it. If I had succeeded in meeting the new trainer I would have interrupted my Loovma training yet another time. As I took place in my favorite chair I considered if I really wanted to do this. I was torn between becoming a better student of Loovma Geer before training anything else, and interrupting his training to start with this new amulet trainer. It is not an easy decision. I am involved in a research project on the flow of ether and, with only the 10 lessons that Leladar gives, the amulets break quite fast. There is also some variability in the readings, whether this is due to the limited training I have or to the nature of ether is debatable. Still, it is a costly endeavor and, if further training could help, it would surely be worthwhile to wait before continuing the research. Committing to Loovma means further delay in the REEF project. And lessons are long to acquire in my profession. I must study many times in the library to complete each lesson.

As I was writing this I realised I had already made my decision. I will continue with Loovma Geer until I am his better student. I have delayed this far too long now, and having a chain is essential to the way I see my role in the groups I am involved with. When a fighter or a healer chains a fallen they cannot fight or heal, so it makes sense that I be the one doing that. It is happy with this decision that I retire to rest. Of course, this means I will have to make room in my always-full pack. Ack! Another problem. Oh well, I'll ponder this tomorrow...

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