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Terrdi, day 39 of summer 544 - Ominous Dark Chamber

Well a lot has happened recently although nothing earth shattering. I went on an expedition organized by Kiriel to visit the new area in the passes. We wanted to see the waterfall but encountered some nasty opposition when we entered the GMV area. It was the first time I encountered some Chami Cobra and I was not really interested in talking to them so I was trying hard to avoid them. The good news is that I was totally successful in avoiding the Chami. The bad news is that I then ran into a greymyr. Ouch. Let's just say I was not as successful in avoiding the long reach of the greymyr. A lot of us were not successful in fact, and it was a good thing we had Lorikeet to chain us out. A good thing too that Lorikeet can teach a thing or two to master Horus because those greymyr, with their rocks, can hit really hard.

One thing I was particularly happy about that happened recently was when Emma successfully completed the 2nd circle fighter test. I am so proud of her. She was yellow when she delivered the final blow to the last feral so it was a decisive victory, and she deserves to be 2nd circle. Something really cool for 1st circle fighters is that she placed visionstones of all her tests on her scroll and even made a scroll about passing the test where she tells what her training was at the time she passed.

There was also a disturbance at the Dark Chamber [DC] and a lot of exiles were there to investigate. "* You feel the darkness emanating from the chamber." The undines were especially tough and we had a hard time gaining ground on them. I waited for some time in the safe tree with the backup healers and the other mystics present. Flux is a much better booster than me so I felt rather useless and I decided to help by running in and pulling Craddlesong so he could be healed while I was a "brick in the wall." I am not sure it really helped but at least I was somewhere I could see the action. We eventually succeeded in getting a foothold inside and moved further in. It was the first time I encountered a creature that comes out of the walls and which you cannot hit (you pass right through them) but they can hit you, although not too hard or too often. The strange thing is that they have negative troilus, meaning that they slowly die by themselves. I found that very strange.

While all this was happening I had a short conversation with recently promoted Wangah Rah. It so happens that he is a lord and has nearly as much Bodrus training as I have, and he still kills vermines while I slaughter about half Large Vermines [LV] I encounter. We both pondered this mystery and the only reason I could think of was my high Mentus training. I wonder if Mentus could affect the slaughter rate. I noticed since I trained Mentus that many healers told me that I was easier to heal. They were actually surprised to learn I had not trained with master Spirtus. I wonder at the effects of Mentus. I think I should talk to Mirth whom I think has a Mentus ledger if I encounter him in the lands sometimes. Progress was slow in DC and at one point I had to return to the lib so I don't know how it went after that, but I think we were gaining on the undine when I left.

I continued to work on my scrolls, and I find great pleasure in it. I got some comments on them from some of my friends, but I wonder how many people actually read them. I was hoping that my guestbook would generate some feedback but only 3 people signed it up to now. I like putting my ideas to paper, and I will continue to do so.

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