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Lundi, day 23 of Summer 544 - Cold & Snowy Fun

Well I finally got out of my bleak mood yesterday! I went to the Cold & Snowy place west of north field to help people tackle the Frost Giants and other northern creatures that can be found there (like Frost Orgas, Snow Cougars, and Snow Vermines).

It was quite fun actually. Many people were there and Kiri had chocolate donuts (which I love, I like anything with chocolate) and people were in good spirit. Also, my boosts were appreciated since those Frost Giants and Polar Bears can be hard to hit (Kiri even complimented me on my boosts which was very nice of her). And I fell to vermine again :) Can I say? I HATE VERMINE IN ALL SIZES AND ALL SHAPES!! aa grins.

Blaise came also and I was happy to see him. It had been a while since I last saw him and we talked a bit. After that I went back to town and saw Sasha which I also had not seen in a while and we sat and talked a bit. Sasha is very nice, and we are good friends but we haven't seen much of each other recently so I was happy to have this opportunity to talk to her.

After a short break in the lib I went to the new area in the passes with Emma, Lelu, Elrod and some others to explore a bit and kill wendies and it was quite fun. I fell repeatedly to rocks, and we were lucky to have Geotzou to chain us out, and Lorikeet to get us back on our feet. After that we went to Kitty Beach [KB] to make some coins and then I headed back to the lib. It was all simple and funny and it lifted my spirit immensely. There is nothing like the company of good friends to make you feel better. I am now ready to face the challenges in front of me! aa smiles. Well, as ready as I can be anyway. I was happy to spend more time with Emma too as we did not see much of each other recently. Not seeing her much in the last few days had certainly contributed to my earlier melancholy, and seeing her was a balm in itself... aa blushes.

aa coughs. Well... I am training Loovma Geer finally, and I look forward to having a chain again. I did a while back, but I could not keep up with the cost of replacing them considering my limited funds. So I will train enough Loovma to make it worthwhile to carry a chain again, and I may apply to Catanea once I have enough coins to buy a one.

There are also a couple of expeditions in the works, like an exploration of the underground of Tenebrion's Keep [TK] where an expert on the Ether is rumored to be found, and also an expedition to the new keep on Ash Island (although that sounds like a really scary place). I look forward to those expeditions. This is what being an explorer mystic is all about!

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