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Merdi, day 81 of Spring, 544 - Ethereal Plane adventure

This is my first entry in this journal.

I take many notes during my travels and then make specific scrolls about a subject when I find it can be useful. Here, I want to put things in a more raw format. Writing things as I feel them at the moment. This is a place where I may want to write down things more personal too...

Today I went for the first time into the Ethereal Plane [EP]. I went with a number of other exiles that were led by Entil'Zha. In a discussion with Tenebrion Entil was told that there were ether bubbles forming into the EP and that we should take some readings with ethereal amulets to better understand the phenomenon. Tenebrion gave her an Ethereal portal stone and she called in those willing to risk the perils of a trip to EP to participate in this task.

We gathered on Centaur Island in preparation for our trip. Since we felt we were not strong enough to tackle EP, we used our sunstones to call the stronger exiles that were out of the lib to come to our aid and, as many of those were in the valley, we had to wait a little for them to reach us.

Finally we decided we could proceed and made our preparation to enter. Elenis Reyav was designated to call out gathering orders and J'jh volunteered to run things. We then lined up and Entil opened an ethereal portal, and we all entered one after the other.

It was a strange sensation to enter EP. I was unprepared for the shock of crossing the portal and finding myself in this hard to describe place. It is an eery place. Everything is gray and misty. You hear thunder rumble, and the very air is thick. Myst clouds drift aimlessly around while a number of very scary creatures jumps on you from all sides.

Elenis quickly called to gather on the SE side and we clustered in to better defend ourselves while J'jh was running things away from us. Sadly most of the amulet trained mystics present fell rather quickly, and only a couple of readings were made before we fell. There was no time to raise us, and we were much more useful as segments of a wall to consolidate our position than anything else.

We were unlucky as spawn after spawn hit us hard and we had a hard time consolidating our position so pressed were we by the onslaught of creatures. We thought we had a handle on things at one point and decided against making a chain run to the tower (I have not seen it and I am unsure what it is but I may find out on our next trip to EP).

I think it was a good decision at the time, but we had not planned to be hit by an ether cloud. It materialized on our NE front and moved in our midst killing most exiles instantly. I was really amazed by the resistance of Yor, he can withstand a lot before falling, but even he fell to the ether cloud. He was raised to red and immediately started to chain those around him to make a run to the tower as did those few still standing. I was not of those that were chained, and I am not sure what happened to them but I think that they all fell.

As the four of us left behind were about to depart I received a sunstone message from Elenis telling us not to depart and to yell to those around me to wait also. I think Elenis had departed and was planning to try a suicide chain run into EP to get us all out. Some time afterward I felt Elenis fall through the spirit link between us and all hope of a rescue was lost. We had heard on the sunstone that there were ethereal clouds in purg and were very nervous to depart, not to mention the possible damage that departing from EP may cause to purg, but we had no choice. I was particularly lucky as I instantly exited purg as I departed so that I was left with the impression to teleport directly to the temple in town. I never even saw purg!

Overall it was a very interesting experience and I had a lot of fun. I like seeing new places and see a group working together for a common goal. We went and tried and were unlucky. It was not because of bad decisions or faulty tactics that we failed but because of the circumstances. It is easy to second guess after the fact, but I think that without that ether cloud hitting us at a critical moment we could have made it.

In any case I'll return again next time if Entil invites me. What an adventure!

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