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Soldi, day 2 of Automn 544 - Orga Outback [OOB] Hunt

Well, it's been quite a while since my last journal entry. It's not that nothing interesting has happened, quite the contrary in fact, but, like my moods, sometimes I feel like writing for my journal, and sometimes I feel like working on other stuff. The last few zodiacs I felt more like working on my map of Puddleby Island and my introduction to mak'ros than on other things.

Today I find I miss this journal and so I am back here once more. Where to start? There has been ups and down in my last adventures. Well, I guess I should do it in the order it happened.

snaggyhuntTrainerGrotto.gifWe had two expeditions of PTF since my last entry. The first one was a hunt in Orga Outback [OOB] just to get ourselves back into shape in terms of working as a group. Some people in the group thought that this presented too little challenge for us, but we were not strong enough for other places and decided that OOB was better than nothing. We sometimes have a guest on PTF events and that day we were happy to have Kirth Gersen join our hunt.

It turned out to be quite fun and even challenging. Of course, it is always a challenge for me, but the group came close to disaster at one point. The fact that I was the cause of this situation is an embarassement for me. What happened is that we got the command to run "NNN" and so we all did that. I must have counted wrong, but I was following everyone and they all moved to the northern edge of what I thought was the second north snell, except they all stopped at the edge and I continued! When I realised my mistake, I stopped and fell immediately. When you drop off by mistake you should stay where you are so that's what I did.

snaggyhuntPTFYor2.gifI felt pretty bad about this mistake. I don't like making mistakes in any situation, and I really hate it when I put other people in danger by my actions. I also hate being a bother. So this basically was terrible in every sense. That's why I resented the teases I received from Tessa. I felt bad enough without being teased for it. Especially since she did something far worst when we were in Tenebrion's Tower and I was very nice to her. /action sighs. Anyways! Yor sunstoned that he was coming for me. Yor is very tough and can resist a lot of damage, so he is the one that is sent to get foolish mystics like me in such situations.

snaggyhuntPTFrescue.gifYor got to me and started dragging my carcass back to the group but on the way back he was swarmed, trapped and fell. I felt even worst at that point. The whole group came to our rescue, and I guess they may have been a little overconfident. I am not sure what happened exactly since I was not there, but almost everyone fell. They regrouped though, and had the upper hand in the end and came to save us. It certainly made things interesting at least.

Aside from that one mistake I felt very good about that hunt, and for many reasons. One reason is that I was shared by almost everyone in the group, and by many people not in the group also. For most of the hunt I was the only mystic, and there were only two mystics outside the library that day. At one point I was shared by 19 people, quite a record for me. I got a message while I was boosting to the effect that * You feel sharper, supported by so many. And my boosts were appreciated since they helped with the hard-to-hit Hatred. I was even complimented by Babajaga, and that means a lot to me.

zu2.gifI was impressed again with the skills of the group and how well they all work together. The tougher Hatred were kuzdu'ed in with impressive coordination. Thuja holding the beast still while Kojiro was planting kuzdu. Then we dispatched the other orgas and when everything else was clear, we'd boost then free one Hatred and kill it, then do the other.

snaggyhuntKojiro.gifAnother thing that made me feel good was that I was loaned a chain by Elenis at the beginning of the hunt and I had an occasion to use it. * Elenis Reyav offers you a chain for free. It felt great to be useful in that way.

And while I was hunting, and boosting, and chaining, I was also able to toggle-locate some fallens and to send calls for rescues. It felt good to be able to multi-task, as I find it is a skill that is very useful for a mystic. I am not always able to do all of these things at once. What helped of course was that I was not tagging. Well, I did tag a few times You helped vanquish an Orga Rage - You helped vanquish an Orga Fury.

So we had fun, I felt useful and I made some much needed coins to help me pay for the library. I felt very good about the whole thing despite my mistake.

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