Finding a new home

My name is Drablak, and I have been in these lands since the fall of 541. I was exiled because I studied and taught Natural Philosophy, and this was perceived as a threat by the authorities. I had just published some of my theories on Natural Philosophy before I was arrested. Of course, all the copies in circulation, as well as my personal notes, were confiscated and burnt. No matter, they remain within me and I will put them down to paper again eventually. It will even be a better treatise since I have observed many phenomenons of great interest since coming here. Right now, I am concentrating on learning and discovering. And observing...

"I am made of light - I am made of stars."

This statement may seem presumptuous, but it is only intended as a statement of my sense of self and one of my deepest belief. I am made of stars because I believe that the matter that we are composed of is 'created' (transformed would be a better term) within the stars themselves. So each of us is made of stars. And both the Earth we walk upon, and the Moon that shines in our night sky are made of stars.

I am made of light, because my being resonates with our closest star, the Sun, and where its light shines, there my path lies. In its light, the stars within me come alive. Praise the Sun.

When I arrived in these lands I was devastated. I thought of my previous life and my research and was very sad and I felt lost and alone. I had heard of these isles while in the ascendancy, and had a picture of thieves and criminals in mind. I was very surprised to find so many good people here. It is not surprising considering the fact that most are exiled for no good reason. I found that there were a lot of fascinating people and that the lands held many secrets. Because of this, I decided to become a mystic. And because of my great curiosity and my thirst to experience new things, I decided to become what I call a Mystic Explorer.

What is a Mystic Explorer? It is a mystic with a set of skills useful for a group doing exploration. It is a mystic who can survive the unexpected and can boost both Akea and Ballou to help in both offensive and defensive situations. It is one that can locate to a medium range to find a lost companion. It is one that can scan the area ahead for danger. One that can see through illusions and open paths. One that can do a little more still...

More than anything though, it is someone with a thirst for going over the next hill or around the next corner. Quite simply, it is someone who likes to explore.

Choosing this path is my choice. It is a longer path because it is harder to be good at many things than it is to be excellent at one.

Many think that I will fail in this pursuit. I cannot fail, simply because in a very real sense I an already an explorer. I am not yet all that I will become, but I am and do all that I can at the moment. Being an explorer is not defined by the sum of skills one possess but by the spirit that drives one to go and seek new things, to go look further, to experience the unknown and take joy in discovery. People of all professions can be explorers, and many are. Exploration is best done in a group, and this is also a thing I like about it. Working in a group, as a group, is a very rewarding experience. It is also a joy.

Be well, and may the Sun always shine on your path.


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