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Here you'll find some information I put together on various subjects listed below. In these scrolls I put my vision of things, what I was taught and what I found out. It is only that, no more, no less. To each his own path. Take what you will from these scrolls if it may help you. I hope it does. And I am always happy to discuss any topic so come and talk to me if you have comments.


Definitions of terms
Snells & Other considerations
How does training and skills work?
What to do when fallen?
Puddleby Pubs and Drinks Guide

Fighting related

Basics of hunting
Basics of raids
Basics of exploration
Effect of balance

Healing related


Prayers to the god Mak'ro

Mak'ro Basics
Find Full Pathfinders Mak'ro
Help Mak'ro
Fallen Mak'ro
Orga Eye Mak'ro
Toggling Mak'ro


Dal'noth Island bestiary
Orga bestiary
Scarmis bestiary

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