Dal'noth island bestiary

Version 1.3 / updated on 2001DE30
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It is often hard to remember all the varirty of creatures when in the heat of battle on Dal'noth so a good idea might be to make a copy of this scroll to bring with you (OOC print this page). In any case if you come away from reading this with only one thing then this following instruction should be it:

If you see a vaguely humanoid creature that is either GREEN or LIGHT BLUE (with a green face) then RUN to safety.

Dal'noth island

Dal'noth is an island found in what is called the Dal'noth ocean (I am not kidding). From Puddleby you reach Dal'noth island by going west to the docks, paying 5c for boat fare, then going north until you leave the South ocean (where Puddleby island is) and come to the North ocean. In the North ocean you go to the north-west corner and enter the cloud that is found there to jump to the Dal'noth ocean. Then simply go west until you see a small island. To enter the island itself requires a mystic capable of seeing true illusions (opening). The most common approach is from the north since north beach is closest to the town and castle. The castle is where the wizard Qual can be found. For a map of the Dal'noth isle, check here.

There are many creatures found on Dal'noth but two types are specific to the isle (although they sometimes invade south forest and try to conquer Puddleby). Those two type are the Dews and the Noth.


The dews come in various sizes with the convinient characteristic that the bigger the dew the tougher it is.

The smallest is the Neodew that most exiles can hit, then comes the Mildew, the Wildew, the Hardew, the Grandew and the Wickedew and then the strongest used to be the Pallidew but there is now a stronger one called the Landew that throws small rocks. Even the top fighters have a hard time hitting reliably the stronger dews without a little boost.

When an exile is killed by a dew it grows into the next bigger dew size, except for Pallidews and Landews (they do not grow). So as Kiri says "it's important not to feed the dews :)".

Neodew Mildew Wildew Hardew Grandew Wickdew | Pallidew Landew
| Palidew icon.gif Landew.gif


Noth come in 9 varieties grouped in two categories. The various noths are characterised by the color of their cloak within each category. One category is generally stronger than the other (with one exception) and is characterised by an ugly green face poking out of their cloak. Although I categorized them as 'weaker' and 'stronger' all noths are tough and even the weakest are stronger than most exiles.

Because of the range of fighting skills encountered with noths, it is essential to be able to gauge the strength of those encountered to determine how to react. The following table may help to identify them and understand their relative strength.

The table is ordered from the weakest (Dals) to the strongest (Tuzs) in terms of fighting skills. Note that the lightning attack of the Vels actually makes them more of a danger to exiles than some of the stronger ones (like the Xars).

Weaker noths
Name picture Cloak color Lightning ? Note
Dal'noth Kal'noth.gif Purple No Uses a sword to attack. Also called the Rat'noth by exiles because they move around a lot like rats.
Kal'noth Dal'noth2.gif Purple No Uses his hands to attack. Slightly stronger than Dals.
Vel'noth Vel'noth icon.gif Green Although their fighting skills are weaker, Vels are actually more of a danger to exiles than the Xars (because of the lightning).
Zol'noth Zol'noth icon.gif Orange No
Stronger noths (green faces)
Name picture Cloak color Lightning ? Note
Sar'noth Dark Red No
Gar'noth Gar'noth icon.gif Purple No
Hel'noth Hel'noth.gif Light Blue If you see one RUN! And since Blaise thought this warning was not strong enough I will repeat it: if you are not Gurgi or Thuja and you see one of these run as far as you can!
Xar'noth Dark Blue No They are a darker blue than Hels.
Tuz'noth Red No Tuzs have a strange curved body shape.


This bestiary is based on the information contained in the SunDragon Clan scroll, on another bestiary found on clanlord.net and also some very good comments and information provided by Althus and Kiriel.

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