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I explain what is a brick in general terms in my scroll about hunting but I wanted to put additional thoughts I have about bricking here because I find that in many cases people don't see some important aspects of bricking, particularly when bricking for exiles of lower ranks (as opposed to bricking as part of a high ranked group).

I will share some of my thoughts on bricking, but of course I have never bricked myself so, as in all my scrolls, I welcome any comment to improve thisscroll and make it a better tool.

First a definition of bricking

Bricking is essentially standing his ground to one or more creatures. That is the most general definition but I think it's the one that must be used because there are levels of bricking and it's the only one that makes sense in that context. The two extremes of bricking are:

Absolute bricking: creature cannot hit the brick even when the brick swings at it, except by luck hits.
Not bricking at all: creature can realiably hit the brick and the brick will fall quickly unles backpacked.

I would be a good exemple of the lower extreme, unless I am fallen :) A good exemple of the top extreme is Gurgi or Yor. The level of bricking depends on the creature of course. A fighter can absolutly brick boloks and only partially brick ghastly presences.
The tactical situation is affected by the level of bricking and it is important to be aware of that fact in a hunt/raid situation. For example in the following situation 'A' the fighters only partially brick the great rockodiles so they need to limit the number of creatures that can attack them and also assure a safe position for the healers backpacking them.

If the fighters we able to brick the rocks enough so that they don't get hits (if they don't swing or even better) then a better position is shown in situation 'B.' In this position all exiles have clear access to all the rockodiles so that everyone can tag efficiently and quickly from the back of the creatures. Also healers can position themselves to support both the bricks and the exiles.

Position 'A' is not good in cases where the fighter can completely brick the rockodiles since the exiles have little access to the creatures and no access to the creatures' back which is easier to hit and safer for them. Many lower level exiles will have a hard time hitting the rocks unless they can attack from the rear and time their attack well. That is easier to do in a position like 'B.' In a position like 'A' if an exile were to go around the boulders to be able to hit from the rear he would be in great danger. First there is a 'free' rockodile that would attack him immediatly, but also he would be out of reach of healer's help and might get surrounded if some other creature came along.

More to come...

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