Effect of balance

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OOC Note: Balance is represented by the middle bar in the upper left corner of the display.

Balance represents your ability to swing and defend yourself from foes. When you are at full balance you are harder to hit by creatures swinging at you. Each time you swing you spend balance and become easier to hit for a time. If you swing too many times in a row you can loose all your balance and be unable to swing. If that happens you will also be a lot easier to hit. When that happens it's called swinging out. It is never a good idea to swingout because you'll get hits you should not get. You should swing once or twice at a creature and then wait until you regain balance before swinging again. What you do in the mean time depends if you can brick the creature, in which case you just stand there, or not, in which case you run around so the creature cannot hit you.
The amount of balance you loose when you swing depends on the weapon you use and on your training. This is refered to as the Balthus of the weapon, because Balthus is the fighter trainer that teaches balance. The speed at which you regain balance also depends on the weapon used and on your training. This property is called the Regia of the weapon, Regia being a fighter trainer for regaining balance.
Fighters (and others too) keep track of the number of swings they have with a particular weapon. For instance a fighter could say she has 3.5 swings with an axe, 4 with a rapier and 5 with a dagger with a specific training mix. Some fighters want to keep a minimum number of swings at the expense of accuracy: Atkus is the trainer that trains accuracy, and training Atkus reduces your number of swings because, as each swing is more accurate, each swing also uses more balance . Each weapon also has an Atkus rating that adds up to your training.
Remember that there are as many styles of fighting as there are fighters :).

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