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Healers that are 3rd circle or more have access to a device called a caduceus that let them heal people at a distance. A caduceus is called a cad for short. Someone using a cad is a cadder, healing at a distance with a cad is called cadding, etc.
To be able to use a caduceus at a reasonable distance a healer must train Proximus. His/her range with the cad depends on his Proximus ranks. In any case the drain on a healer increases with the distance between the healer and the one being healed. Particularly at the extreme of the range the spirit drain on the healer is very big.
For that reason when a healer cads you you should at the very least not get further away than you already are, and if possible move toward him/her.

There is a very useful mak'ro called sharecads that automatically shares a healer that cads you, using the message you receive when you are cadded "* You sense healing energy from Felicity."

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