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The term rod refers to the action of absorbing damage from a creature's attack. It is generally used for absorbing the lightning bolts of orgas, hence the name (think of a lightning rod on the roof of a house).

A rod is a group of healers that stand together in the path of the lightning and absorb the damage. The way it works is that the healers can heal faster than the lightning can hurt them. Depending on the number of lightning bolts a rod may require from only one healer to many. In some situations where splashing damage (small rocks or chain lightning) must be taken into account, cadders are also useful. A key element is the link created when two healers heal one another. This link increases the effectiveness of the heal. Specific training also helps rodding.

Rodding is often used in raids into orga territory. There are often more than one rod, that is two distinct groups of healers, that are positioned at strategic locations. See my section on raids for further tactics notes in using rods.

A rod is said to be stable if the healers are able to heal fast enough to cope with the damage received. When a rod becomes unstable, a call is sent to have reinforcement to help stabilize it. The number of healers is the most determining factor in a good rod, with Faustus (speed of healing) being a minor concern. It should also be mentioned that rods need support healers to heal the cadders/backpackers unless they have a lot of Respia (that which help regenerate spirit, used in self-healing) and can heal themselves. Even then, the occasional bounced bolt adds up, and without support a rod will fall.

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