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Backpacking refers to a healer keeping another exile standing while he/she is taking damage by healing him/her continuously. The term comes from the fact that a non-cad healer must touch the exile with his/her moonstone and is usually positionned in the back to do that. Cadders can backpack at a distance of course.
Effective backpacking requires the proper training on the part of the healer. The most important aspect being the speed of healing, which requires Faustus training but there are also other considerations.
Those being backpacked can also train to be easier to backpack. Fighters for instance can train Rodnus which makes them easier to heal.
When backpacking someone it is important to leave an escape route open, so it is best to touch the person at an angle or in such a way that s/he can move away from the creature. Most people find uncomfortable to be trapped against a creature so keep this in mind when backpacking.

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