Fallen Mak'ro

Version 1.0 / updated on 2002AU19
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This is a example of a mak'ro used when fallen to yell at intervals. Simply type "yfh" and press return to activate. To stop yelling just click on the main window. You can change what you yell by replacing the text to the right of set fallenYell "/yell but be sure to leave the \r".

set fallenYell "/yell I am fallen and need a healer please!\r"

// Yell for healer macro
// Will continually yell for a healer until you click your mouse to stop it
 setglobal action fallenYell
 setglobal time "150"
 call loopit

// Looping function
// Used by other macros to repeat an action until the user clicks the mouse
// to stop it
 set @env.click_interrupts "true"
 label mark
 pause time
 goto mark

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