Help Mak'ro

Version 1.0 / updated on 2002JA24
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This is an example of a simple help system for those, like me, with too many mak'ros and not enough memory. I found very frustrating to need a mak'ro in a situation and not to remember exactly what the trigger was, so I made this help system for some of my mak'ros. This is a stripped down version of my own help system, enough so that you get the idea.

// A macro to list existing macro commands, a kind of help for my personal macros
	if @text == "?"
		message "** List of arguments for help command"
		message "*  rescue"
		message "*  sharing"
		message "*  click"
		goto the_end
	else if @text == "rescue"
		message "** rescue macros"
		message "*  ctt [name]	Chaining [name] to town"
		message "*  gtg [name]	Going to get [name] "
		message "*  gtl [name]	Going to look for [name]"
		message "*  getg [name]	Getting [name]"
		message "*  tfh [name]	Toggle if you need help"
		message "*  sfh [name]	Share me to confirm that you need help"
		message "*  eft [name] [creature]	Can anyone help [name] who is fallen to a [creature]"
		message "*  enh [name] [location]	Could a healer help [name] who is fallen in [location]"
		message "*  tl [name] [location]	toggle if you are in [location]"
		message "*  tdir [name] [Direction; N, S, W, E]	toggle if you are [Direction] of town"
		message "*  ta [name]	verbal thank you"
		message "*  tk @selplayer Karma thank you"
		message "* tks @selplayer Karma with smiley"
		message "* \br [name] gives 10c and GK"
		message "* \bh [name] gives 5c and GK"
		message "* sharecads	activates auto-sharing with cadders"
		goto the_end
	else if @text == "sharing"
		message "** sharing macros"
		message "*  sh [name]		share"
		message "*  shl [name]		share lock"
		message "*  shu [name]	share unlock"
		message "*  tfs [name]		thanks for sharing"
		message "* /dsf					Do Share Friends"
		goto the_end
	else if @text == "click"
		message "** click macros"
		message "*  option-shift-click				Pull"
		message "*  command-shift-click		Push"
		message "*  control-option-click			chain"
		goto the_end
	end if
	message "Must use an argument after the /list command"
	message " Type /list ? for a list of valid arguments"
	label the_end

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