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Definition of snell

Geographical locations are divided in smaller areas called snells (OOC a snell is a graphical unit used by the client of CL, when you leave a snell another graphical unit is loaded and you jump to that new snell /OOC).
Snells vary a lot in size and can be of any shape (but the edges are always straight). When you come to a snell edge you'll see a grey area, if you continue moving in that direction you'll jump to another snell. There are a couple of things to consider when moving across snells.

Which snell you are going to

A fundamental question of course is where you'll end up when you cross snells. In most places this is rather straightforward, for example if you leave town center [TC] and move west and cross the snell edge there you'll end up in west town. But this is not true everywhere, i.e. if you go west across a snell edge you do NOT always end up to the west of the area/snell you just left. You can end up north, east or south and even many snell 'away' from where you were (by 'distance away' here I mean the number of snells you'd need to go through to get back to the snell you started in).

Single & Multiple destinations edges

Basically if the snell edge isn't normal (as those in town), then there are two possibilities: single & multiple destinations. An example of "single destination snell edge" is the Tanglewoods [TW] for instance where you can leave the snell anywhere along a given edge and you'll end up in the same destination snell. Leaving the snell called TW6 anywhere along the south snell edge, for example, will get you, in TW4 (and to get back to TW6 from TW4 you need to go two snells east). This is what I was referring to in the previous paragraph when I said that you don't always end-up one snell away when crossing a snell border.
An example of "multiple destination snell edge" is the marsh. In the marsh where you leave the snell along the edge determines where you'll end up. Someone crossing a single exile-length away from you may end up in a completely different snell. Instead of calling them single or multiple location snell edges (which is rather annoying) we simply call them TW-like or marsh like. Hence you would say that OOB [Orga Outback] is TW-like and that KI interior (Kizmia's Island) is marsh-like (although much more easy to navigate).

Where in the snell you'll find yourself

Normally when you cross a snell you jump to the other snell and appear near the corresponding position in the new snell. Leaving the snell along the east edge at, say, 1/4 of the edge length from the top will get you 1/4 from the top on the west edge of the next snell.
Often though you won't jump to the corresponding position. Again there are basically two types other than normal. The first is when you end up always at the same place in the next snell independent of where you left, and the second is when you find yourself anywhere in the next snell randomly, not necessarily along the edge (and often everyone crossing jumps to a different location).

Some precautions

Unless you are confident you can deal with whatever you may encounter, it is a good idea to heal up before crossing to another snell. When alone particularly it is important to be at full balance before crossing since it's possible you'll find yourself in the middle of a group of creatures and be trapped. If your balance is already low you may fall before being able to do anything (like calling for help). Note that these are general guidelines, not strict rules. They can be paid somewhat less attention to when you are more experienced.

Falling off

Falling off means crossing a snell without meaning to. In a normal area you can just turn around and take a step to get back. In TW-like or marsh-like places this is not true. In non-normal cases you should stay in the snell you are now in. In a TW-like area the only thing you should concentrate after communicating with someone in your party is to stay alive and to stay in this snell without falling off again. In a marsh-like area you need to do an additional thing: you should observe the snell to be able to describe landmarks to those looking for you. In the marsh for instance count the number of trees and/or islands and note their locations, is there a big mushroom or a pool, etc. These can help pinpoint your location more quickly and get help to you faster.

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