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When you first get to Puddleby, there are many things to learn and to get used to. Many of these things have to do with new words and acromymes used by the other exiles. Here is a collection of terms and acronymes that may help you understand what people are saying. Rest assured that these become very familiar in no time at all, even if they may seem overwhelming at first.

About people...

Here are some terms that relate to you and people like you.

Adventure Organizer: people who make things happen, organize a hunt, an expedition, take leadership. Those people put in extra effort so that fun things happen, fun for everyone involved. They deserve /thanks if nothing else, because it takes a lot of energy and it's quite often a stressful job.

A clan is a group of people that share a common interest. Some clans are composed of people that want to help newbies, like the Winds of Dawn, while others are composed of people who just want to have a good time together. There is a list of clans here. You don't have to join a clan, many exiles are not part of any clan. If you want to join a clan, you should try to meet clan members to see how you would fit in and what are the requirements to join. You can only be inducted by a member of the clan, and it costs 100c to do so. When you are part of a clan, you give a small fraction of your experience to a clan experience pool. When there is enough experience in that pool, it gets distributed evenly on all clan members that are clanning at that time. Don't join a clan just to get clan experience though, it's not significant most of the time.

Depart (ing)
When you are fallen you have the option of departing but please read what to do when fallen first. To depart you type /depart. You will be taken to a greyish plane called Purgatory. Once in Purgatory you simply chose a direction and keep walking that way until you come out of Purg, usually in the temple in Puddleby (depending on which altar you are bonded to). The time you spend in Purgatory is random but is influenced by your karma. There is a cost associated with departing, when you depart you loose experience.

That's every character in the lands that has a non-blue nametag. OOC these are played by people like you, sometimes by GMs.

Fallen / Falling
When your health gets down to zero you fall down and can't move. At that point you need a healer to raise you, or you can depart. You should read what to do when fallen. You can be more or less fallen, depending on the damage you received and how much health you had when you fell. Healers have a skill, called Horus, that help them heal people that are badly fallen. If more than one healer heals you at the same time, their Horus adds up and they can raise someone badly fallen more easily. An orga eye can help make you (a little bit) easier to raise.

"He who clicks": that's the person in front of a computer as opposed to the character that is played in the game. HWC is used when the person is known to be male, PWC is a more general term than HWC or SWC.

Lord / Lady
When you have a total of 550 ranks, some of the NPC in town will greet you with the title 'lord' or 'lady'.

Master / Mistress
When you have a total of 250 ranks some of the NPC in town will greet you with the title 'master' or 'mistress'. Later you become a 'lord' or a 'lady'.

Newby (newling)
That's a term refering to someone who is new to the lands and has little experience in it. If you read this you probably are one. Enjoy it, it is a time of discovery and wonder. It is also a time when you sometimes feel overhelmed, but hang in there, it's worth it. There are clans that are dedicated to helping newbies, like the Winds of Dawn and you should look at the activities they organise and ask any of them for help if you need anything.

Those are the people you encounter in the lands that have a blue nametag. You talk to them by bumping into them. They have limited conversation skills so don't expect them to answer all your questions, but on the other hand you may be surprised at how some of them react to some queries...

The chosen profession of an exile. There are three professions: Fighter, Healer, and Mystic. You can also chose to remain unprofessionned. The choice of a profession is permanent and cannot be undone (except by drastic measures). Take your time to decide which profession you want to chose, there is no rush. Talk to people to learn more about each choice. Each profession gets access to exclusive trainers related to their areas of expertise.

"Person who clicks": that's the person in front of a computer as opposed to the character that is played in the game. PWC is a more general term than HWC or SWC. It is used when the gender of the PWC is not known or when that person wants to keep it unknown.

A rank is a unit defining how skilled you are in a particular area. For example, you may have 10 ranks of Bodrus, which is a trainer that helps you attack and defend yourself better. You can learn more about ranks and training here.

"She who clicks": that's the person in front of a computer as opposed to the character that is played in the game. SWC is used when the person is known to be female, PWC is a more general term than HWC or SWC.

About the lands...

Here are some terms that relate to the world of Puddleby.

Ash Valley
A small valley somewhere in the northeastern Foothills [FH] populated by Ash Giants. Tough place.

It's an area south of the South Forest where Tro'ols live.

Camp Dred: a snell in Dredwood accessible through a difficult path in the Foothills [FH]. It leads to Dredwood of course and through that to the Malachite Lair. Just north of CD is the Redwood Glade, also known as tgbg2.

Centaur Island: also called Peaceful Island, it's the island between GI and TI in the Puddleby Ocean. This island contains a zoo and a forest called Orion Wood.

Up where the air is thin: there is a special cloud moving over Puddleby Island. On this cloud there is a floating island that some people can access through the South Forest mirror. This cloud is tied to two portals, one green, one purple, that can be moved around. These portals and the Cloud are all related and it is yet unknown who build them. To gain 'Cloud access' talk to a mystic.

Cold & Snowy: a snell up on the Cloud that is always cold and has snow on the ground. Beware the snowballs!

A mountainous area beyond the Foothills Passes [FH] reached through Camp Dred [CD] that leads to the Malachite Lair and the Pitch Caves [PC].

Devil's Island
The island just west of Puddleby Island in Puddleby Ocean. Also known as Fire Island because it's a volcanic island. There is a crater area with lava walkers, with the Drake Den at its center.

Dred Passage
The passage between the Orga Outback [OOB] and the Foothills [FH]. It is a difficult passage and it requires pathfinders to cross (and a couple of good rods).

Ethereal Plane: another plane of existance that can be reached through a number of means, a portal created with an EPS among other things. People sometime refer to a particular 'sphere' of the ethereal plane by a number, as in "fallen in EP3." There are 9 spheres known to exist in EP at the moment.

Foothills: officially the Northeastern Foothills. It is a remote location in the eastern part of the island, beyond the Orga Outback [OOB] and a very difficult pass called Dred Passage [DP].

A part of North Forest that is along the north coast of Puddleby Island. It's north of Muddy North Forest.

Gungla Island: the island in the northwest part of the Puddleby Ocean. This island has two zones and is reffered to as either GI or MI depending on which part you're talking about. GI is the part you access from the south.

Grassy North Forest: the southern part of the North Forest [nf].

Hatred Hollow: a difficult passage between Snaggy and the Orga Outback [OOB] with many orgas, notably Hatred.

Jannar's Grove: a place near Grassy North Forest. It is only accessible with pathfinding from Grassy or Muddy. There are often quite a number of sprigs in there, with ferals and Tree Giants [tg].

Kitty Beach: it's a place south and west from town where there are lots of kitties, i.e., island panthers [ip], artak cougars [artak], bolok cougars [bolok], etc. You can see where it is on this map.

Kizmia Island: the island southwest of Thieves' Island in the Puddleby Ocean. It is sometimes also reffered to as Umbrion Island because the keep of Umbrion, one of the (in)famous Brion brothers is located in the southern part of the island. This island has inner waters all around it and many entrances. It is very dangerous except to high level people, and chances are that if you need this glossary to know what 'KI' is, you're not strong enough to go visit on your own.

Lok'Groton is the name of the chain of islands that Puddleby Island is part of. Other islands include Devil's Island [DI], Ash Island [AI], Kizmia's Island [KI], Thieves' Islands [ThI], Tenebrion's Island [TI], Centaur Island [CI], Melabrion's Island [MI] (also called Gungla Island [GI]) and Portal Island [PI].

Lilly Pond: it's a place north and east of east field where there are tough creatures like cave maha ruknee [cmr] and large sand worm [lsw]. You can see where it is on this map.

Melabrion Island: the island in the northwest part of the Puddleby Ocean. This island has two zones and is reffered to as either GI or MI depending on which part you're talking about. MI is the part you access from the north.

Malachite Lair
A cave complex on the other side of the Dredwood beyond the Foothills [FH]. It is the beginning of an extensive cave complex that becomes what exiles call the Pitch Caves [PC]. Malachites and Pitch are two types of arachnoids, what the creature called 'Arachnoid' in East Forest 'noids' calls the 'changed ones.'

A central snell in the Tangle Wood [tw].

A part of North Forest that is between Grassy North Forest and the Fringe.

New Bear Cave: A part of cave cave complex where various bears live. This northern part is accessible from nwf and grassy or through a path from obc.

North Forest: A region composed of three zones: Grassy, in the south, Muddy, in the middle, and the Fringe in the north.

Arachnoid Cavern: A cave cave complex in East Forest with various types of arachnoids. 'Deep noids' refers to most dangerous part of the complex.

Dal'Noth Island: An island in the aptly named Dal'Noth Ocean. The island is surrounded by magical reefs and storms that prevent entry unless a mystic reveal the illusions for what they are. The island is home of Qual, who has not been seen in many a moon, and where dews and noths are found.

Northwest Forest: A forest west of North Forest that is only accessible through pathfinding and where there is an entrance to nbc.

Old Bear Cave: A part of cave cave complex where various bears live. This southern part is accessible from grassy and the river tunnel or through a path from nbc.

Orga Camp(s): there are four orga camps (OC1 through OC4). When refering to OC1 most people just say OC. The first OC can be reached through Tangle Wood [tw] by going east-north-east from the Meadow. The other orga camps can only be accessed with the help of a mystic able to see through illusions.

Orga Outback: a region in the eastern part of the island. It is reached through Hatred Hollow and leads to the Foothills [FH] and the Orga Village [OV]. OOB is a place where you need a map or a guide, as it is a confusing place.

Orga Village: a village in the Orga Outback [OOB] populated by, obviously, orgas.

Pitch Cave(s): An area beyond the Malachite Lair, beleived to be under the Orga Stronghold, where reside strong arachnoids, the so-called 'changed ones' that can throw webs at exiles. Groups like the Pitch Assault Group [PAG] have been working for years to try to conquer this most remote 'frontier' and gain access to the Orga Stronghold.

Portal Island: the smoking island south of Centaur Island in the Puddleby Ocean. This is a recently formed (actually 'created' but it's a long story) volcanic island that is still cooling. It is called Portal Island because it contains a portal that leads to EP.

Chamelopod Forest: actually a place called Deep North Forest but most people call it Chamelopod Forest, or Pods for short. Chamelopods are creatures that have an effective camouflage.

It's the name of the town where you arrive when you are first exiled. There are many buildings to visit and NPC to talk to, as well as many other exiles.

Puddleby Island
It's the island where the town of Puddleby is located. It's one of the many islands in the Lok'Groton Islands chain. There is a map of part of the island here.

Puddleby Ocean
It's the ocean where Puddleby Island is located. There are many other islands in that ocean as well. I have a map of Puddleby Ocean. You can get to the ocean from the western part of town. You need to rent a boat for 5c.

Purgatory: the place you reach when you depart. Little is know about Purgatory and Tenebrion studied it to try to understand its nature. It is tied to a number of altars found in the lands. Some healers have Purgatory Pendants that enable them to reach Purgatory without departing.

Rocky Cavern: a cavern near the northeast forest.

Redwood Glade
Also called tgbg2, this is a place just north of Camp Dred [CD] where Redwood Giants (a kind of tree giant, hence the tgbg2 name) are found.

South Forest: a forest just south of town.

Snaggle Wood: a forest east of the Orga Camp [OC] that is somewhat confusing to navigate (like Tangle Wood [tw]), see the definition of snell for additional info. Snaggy's snells are named after exiles that helped map that area. In the center of each snell is a special tree where those names can be read. If you cross Snaggy you can reach a snell named 'Bones' (who is a famous thoom) where you'll find Wisher's Gate [WG], a path first opened by another exile named Wisher. This difficult path leads to a passage called Hatred Hollow [HH]. Beyond Hatred Hollow is the Orga Outback [OOB] (although HH is actually part of the Orga Outback, most people think of it as a separate place).

A snell is a geographical unit. A full definition and all the relevant information is given on a dedicated scroll on the subject.

Spirit Woods: a place where Spriggins live. The tgbg is located in these woods.

Town Center: it's the main gathering point in town, just between the temple and the Sentinel.

Tree Giant Breeding Ground: a place beyond spirit wood [sw] where tg are very common.

Another name for the Redwood Glade.

Tenebrion Island: also called Phineas Island these days, it's the island east of CI in the Puddleby Ocean. One of the Brion brothers, Tenebrion, has a keep on the island but he gave the deed to his island to Phineas after various strange happenings.

Trainers' Grotto
There are a mid-level trainers located in a grotto in the Orga Outback [OOB].

Tangle Woods: a very confusing forest north of East Forest. At the center of these woods is a place called the Meadow. The Orga Camps [OC] and the eastern regions of the island (Snaggy, OOB, FH, OV) are only accessible through TW.

Sasquatch Valley: a valley near Brambles with a one-way entrance (requiring pathfinding) and exit. There are sasquatch there and a number of snakes and beetles too.. Oh and did I mention the valley rats? Uck!

Vermine Tree: there is a tree in South Forest that you can enter to reach a cave filled with vermines of all sorts.

About this item...

Here are some terms that relate to the items you may encounter.

Altars are objects that are found only in a few locations in the lands. There is one in the temple in town center [tc]. You bond yourself to an altar by touching it. Thereafter when you go through Purgatory you come out near that altar. Altars seem to be somehow related to the ability of healers to self-heal because in the past the town altar was stolen by an orga named Bartok and healers lost their self-heal ability until it was restored.

Short for 'Caduceus', and item used to heal others at a distance. It's also used as a verb as in 'to cad someone'. Check this guide.

Ethereal Portal Stone [EPS]
An item created by mystics that can be used by anyone to open a portal to the Ethereal Plane [EP]. The portal stays open for a short time and anyone can use it to reach EP.

It's a blue stone used by healers to heal themselves and others. When using a moonstone to heal someone, the healer must touch the exile with the moonstone.

Orga Eye [oe]
It's a disgusting object, litterally the eye of an orga, that is useful in certain conditions. Basically it lowers all your skills. It also makes you less fallen, and thus easier to heal, which is the main reason to have one. There are a couple of reasons why lowering your skills may be useful: one is that you will troilus faster, and the other is that you will slaughter less, but the difference is slight and so it's only useful if you are starting to slaughter a creature.

A portal can refer to many things. When talking about either the 'green portal' or a 'purple portal' it refers to those associated with the Cloud. When you enter either of these portals you are taken at the other portal's location (generally taking some damage in the process, although this can be prevented). A portal can also refer to a gateway to the Ethereal Plane [EP]. Those portals can be temporary, as when opened with an Ethereal Portal Stone [EPS] or of indefinite duration as the one found on Portal Island [PI].

Purgatory Pendant
It's an object that healers can have to be able to go to Purgatory directly without having to depart. A healer is said to 'pendant' when he leaves this way. You'll also hear about 'pendanting healers' referring to those who have the ability to pendant.

Sunstone (often abreviated as 'ss')
It's a item that lets you communicate with people wherever they are. You can receive messages, even if you don't have a sunstone yourself, if that message is adressed to you personally. To send a message, or to receive broadcasted messages, you need to have a sunstone equipped.

About critters...

Most creatures have an acronyme or a nickname.

Angry Mother Sasquatch: it's a big ape with an attitude that throws rocks.

Artak Cougar: a sand colored kitty, tougher than an ip and about as common.

Bolok Cougar: same size as an artak but stripped black. Much tougher than an artak. Uncommon. Usually comes in pairs.

Cave Cobra: a tough snake found in many places, particularly in the Valley, on KI or on GI.

Cave Maha Ruknee: a tough kitty found in Lilly Pound [lp] that looks like a big dark brown lion.

Death Vermine: looks like a white large vermine but is a much more dangerous.

feral (feralling)
Wolfish creatures very common in the North Forest [nf] and Northwest Forest [nwf], but found almost everywhere also. The have a habit of circling around you and then do hit and runs, a behavior referred to as 'feralling.'

Giant Carnivorous Plankton: found in most oceans and islands inner waters. Most of the time someone fallen to gcp will be either in KI waters, or MI waters.

Giant Vermine

Island Panther: a kitty that looks like a black panther, somewhat smaller than other kitties, very common.

Large Death Vermine: looks like a white giant vermine but is much more dangerous.

Large Sand Worm: exactly what it sounds like, i.e., a big worm that move underneat the sand and attacks exiles. Found in some places like Lilly Pound, Southern Dunes and LSW Island in KI Waters.

Large Vermine

A race of one-eyes humanoids found all over the Lok'Groton that come in various sizes and colors. I have an Orga bestiary.

Plain Maha Ruknee: a tough kitty found in Savanah that looks like a big dark brown lion.

Scarmis are insect-like creatures found mostly on Ash Island or on Kizmia's Island [KI]. I have a bestiary about them.

Sturdy oak giant

Spriggin: a race of very small humanoids with the ability to teleport over short distances. They are mischievous most of the time, but are also known to steal coins. Their most annoying ability is that they can make you loose all your balance. They travel so you can encounter them any place, but they are mostly found in the Spirit Wood [sw] or in Jannar's Grove.

Tree Giant: treant like creature. Very hard to hit, and it has a long reach. Common at tgbg, rare elsewhere.

Tro'ols are ugly humanoids living mostly in the Tro'ol Town in Brambles. They have rather high troilus and have the funny habit of repeating what they hear.

Wendecka: Ape-like creature that comes in a number of sizes and colors. Wendecka, Night Wendecka, Elder Night Wendecka, Midnight Wendecka, Elder Wendecka, Dawn Wendecka, Day Wendecka, Dusk Wendecka. They are found mostly in passes, like the Greymyr Passes or the Foothills [FH]. Some throw pebbles.

Young Sasquatch: smaller than an AMS, it's an ape-like creature found mostly in the Valley and on Melabrion's Island [MI].

About this organisation...

Here are some terms relating to groups or organisations (that I'm aware of, there are many others and if you want them listed you can send me the info and I'll add them).

A guild (affiliation) of dedicated chainers from all professions founded by Cronos. They have a scroll.

Falinea's Blade: a hunting group founded by Tessa, Delirium and Lex. They have a scroll.

Pitch Assault Group: a group founded by CJ Parker with the help of Yor that has been working for years to try and find a way to the Orga Stronghold through what is called the Pitch Caves [PC].

Puddleby Task Force: a group founded by Babajaga and Yor that is interested in solving mysteries of various kinds and in exploration.

About the rest...

Here are some terms that you can hear also.

Away From Keyboard: means that the PWC is temprarily away from his/her computer and so cannot reply, move, etc. Most people use a macro to keep prevent being disconnected, refered to as an 'afk macro.' That will usually put the character in a seated or sleeping position, and may include some kind of feedback like pondering 'ZZZzzzz' for instance.

Brick (bricking)
A brick is a person that stands in front of a creature and does not get hit by it (except by luck hits). Usually it is a high ranked fighter with good defense but it can also be a healer. Bricking is the action of shielding others by standing in front of the creature, or so that others can tag. More on that in my basic hunting guide and also on a dedicated guide on bricking.

Chain (chaining)
A chain is a tool that can be used to drag fallen people. When someone is fallen, and thus unable to move on his/her own, someone else can use a chain to bring him/her to a safer place, or where they can be healed. Chaining is expensive as chains can break and they are expensive. It is customary to tip someone that chained you to bring you to be healed. There is a guild of chainers.

When you dispatch a creature it means that you got a little bit of experience, but that you will soon not get any experience from killing those creatures. More on this in this specific scroll. See also Kill, Slaughter, and Vanquish.

As in 'Horus needed in town for a pnd.' Horus is a healer trainer that help raise those that are badly fallen. When healers can't raise someone that is too fallen they ask for other healers who have trained Horus to come help.

In Character: which means "from the point of vue of the character in the game, not from the person who plays the game [PWC] in real life [IRL]. It is the opposite of OOC.

As in "hey this was a kill." This means that the action of killing the creature gave a normal amount of experience. More on this in this specific scroll. See also Dispatch, Slaughter, and Vanquish.

Out of character, which means to talk or act not as your character would, but as the person who clicks [PWC] that character would. If you talk about a computer, you talk OOC, because no exiles in Puddleby has seen a computer or know what it is. Computers don't exist in Puddleby, they exist in real life [IRL]. It is usually frown upon to talk OOC, but it depends on the situation. It is usually better to put "OOC" in front of something you say that you know is OOC. OOC is the opposite of IC.

Pathfinder / pathfinding: there are hidden passes, shortcuts, in many places in the lands. Some people are skilled at finding them and can lead others through them. Pathfinding is the skill required to do that and is learned from the Marsh Hermit.

Perilously near to death. It's one of the various 'levels' that someone can be fallen. Perilously near to death is actually the most fallen one can be and some pnds cannot be raised at all.

rod (rodding)
Rodding is somewhat like bricking, but instead of using defense to prevent damage, rodding relies on healing the damage as quickly as it is done. More on this in my guide on rodding.

'To run', 'run it', 'someone run this': running a creature means to move away from the main group and attract one or more creatures, and then to run around with the creature in tow. It involves running just fast enough so that the creature can't swing at you, but not too fast so that it stays focused on you. Usually when the party has recovered and is ready to take care of the creature they call out 'bring' and the runner returns to the group with the creature.

share (to share, a share, sharing)
Sharing refers to a 'spirit link' between yourself and someone else. You share someone by typing '/share Name', and you can share a maximum of 5 people. There is no limit to the number of people that can share you. Shares have many effects, the foremost of which is the sharing of experience. Those people that you share will get a little part of whatever experience you gain, although you will not loose any experience yourself. Actually, if you are sharing 5 other people, you youself get a little bonus. Those that you share, or that share you, will also be aware if you fall (and they will know which creature killed you). If you share a healer, it makes it easier to heal you for that healer. If you share a mystic, it makes it easier for him/her to locate you if you fall and makes all his/her skills more effective also (it improves boosts for example).

When you slaughter a creature it means that don't get any experience from killing those creatures. More on this in this specific scroll. See also Kill, Dispatch, and Vanquish.

tag (tagging)
To tag means to hit a creature at least once so that you will get experience from it. When many people attack the same creature, all those who tagged will get some of the experience from the creature. More on this in my basic hunting guide.

trap (trapping)
Used as a verb as in "trap that feral!". Trapping is the action of blocking a feralling creature against an obstacle (like a tree or rocks). This prevents the creature from regaining its balance and makes it easier to kill.

Troilus (to troilus)
Troilus is a trainer that teach you to self-heal faster. Not the self-healing that healers can do with a moonstone, more a kind of natural regeneration. By extension, people talk about troilusing to refer to all kind of self regeneration that isn't the healer's self-heal. For example you may hear someone talk about how fast Tro'ol troilus, eventhough I am sure Troilus wouldn't teach to a Tro'ol.

When you vanquish a creature it means that you got an increased amount of experience from killing it. This is because this type of creature is above your current level. Generally people will refer to this as a 'vanq.' More on this in this specific scroll. See also Kill, Dispatch, and Slaughter.

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